Anti Roll Bars

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Arrma RC's
I was going through the Arrma Parts on the Tower site and noticed they sell anti roll bars in different thicknesses. I would understand that a thicker bar would allow less roll. I wanted to get some understanding, in layman's terms, on how that affects the handing. I know the easy answer is LESS ROLL. But what does that mean to me? Is this going to force the car into a drift earlier? Am I going to see traction rollovers more often due to a higher center of gravity in the turn?

I ordered the stiffest version for both front and rear, and will be able to easily swap them as I do the rest of the work. But if I am just messing with something that is already good, then I don't want to have to go back in and change them later.
Will do. I got a ton of parts in the mail today, but no Servo mount or anti roll bars.
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