Anyone have a losi 22t 4.0? Or a similar one


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Always had my eye on one of these and my LHS gave me a deal I couldn't resist on one plus they threw in some free tires so I couldn't pass it up. I bought a cheapo motor and idk what esc to use. I have a 6s blx esc at home that I'm not using, Im thinking something more like a max 10 would be better though For weight and size. As of right now I don't plan on racing, more just a fun little thing to rip around and jump but I do love speed. I know nothing about these little trucks so any info is welcome. Also my first kit so I'm excited to build 🤘🏼
I had one many years ago. They are the equivalent to a rustler but better parts, should be an easy build.

If you don't have an ESC for it, I have a sensorless 3-YO MAX-10 with only a couple packs ran through it I'll sell. PM me if interested.
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