Kraton Arrma Kraton 6S, no calibration possible spark, flashing red. Factory setting done! Steering works, gas doesn't.

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Hello everyone,

as a newcomer to this forum, first of all hello to everyone and a big thank you for any help I will receive here. After I have hopefully researched everything that has already been posted and unfortunately have not found a solution to my problem so far, I am turning to you with a nine thread! I drove my Kraton 6S for just 15 minutes with a fully charged battery (4 cells) until it suddenly became independent, from little gas to full gas, everything was there. I was able to successfully reset to the factory settings, 3 flashes RED+GREEN When I want to calibrate, the ESC accepts the neutral position with 1x beep and flashes green. Full throttle forwards and backwards are not accepted, there is no beep or flashing. What I couldn't try is changing the battery, I'm new to the RC world and only had one with me, but I charged and connected it again with no success. Would be great if I could get another approach from you here, what I could try to track down the culprit, is it possibly the battery, or rather the receiver and spark?

Best regards!
PS: sry for my Google Englisch 😜
You have a duplicate post here. I responded to the other one.
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