Arrma Kraton help?

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Arrma RC's
this is my first rc
I just got an arrma kraton and it seams to have lost 4x4 already. is there any way to test where the problem is before tearing thing apart?
@mlb i don't have a 4x4 but you can always check and makes sure your motor is working.... And check the drive shafts make sure they are connected and in place... Sorry I can't help more
I just took apart the center dif and found a gear snapped in half
On day 2 the esc went out :( it was warentied and today I got the new one only to discover this new prob
I have owned it for a week and a half and only got to really drive it twice. So far I'm not to impressed with arrma
#1 - Arrma should take care of you with Warranty for anything that breaks. Make use of that, especially starting out if things are not 100%.
#2 - Take some time to check out the vehicle end to end. Check for loose screws, extra play in parts, gear meshes, shock fluid levels, etc, etc, etc. It's a good way to become familiar with the RC and it may help you identify some problems before they become breakages. My guess is you had some issues with the gear setup and running it caused the failure. The ESC is unfortunately a known issue, but Arrma will send you a new one and hopefully you get the updated version.
Can anyone tell by looking if the Kraton has upgraded ecs or not? Or is it just "luck of the draw". I hope not I'm having a lot of fun with it.
best way to see if it is upgraded see if it says castle creations. ☺only way to know for sure is when you put it in yourself. I know that it isn't much help but... stock esc isn't worth the warranty and should be replaced.
just my 2 cents
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