For Sale Arrma Vendetta Speed Run Roller

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$350 + shipping.

Arrma Vendetta Speed Run roller. $800 worth of quality parts; I did not skimp out on this build.

The car was babied and has only done 4 shakedown runs, the fastest one being only 78mph on 3S. Shims and O-rings were used throughout to eliminate slop. It's built for speed and has plenty more in her, just drop in your electronics.

The factory plastic servo mount has been replaced with a proper carbon fiber and aluminum standoff mount for a very solid base. The receiver box was moved to the other side of the chassis so I could run an elevated ESC tray. A Castle MMX8 fits on the try and is secured in place with an RPM ESC cage. This setup allows you to pull the motor and change gears without having to remove the ESC - makes gear changes much easier.

- Oktay Bumpers 7075 spool
- Hot Racing 36T Mod 1 spool gear
- Hot Racing steering rack
- Adjustable turnbuckles
- Basherqueen servo mount
- Basherquen ESC mount
- RPM MMX8 ESC cage
- Kaniz RC Titanium center driveshaft
- M2C Racing motor mount
- M2C Racing chassis brace
- GNSS GPS holder
- GRP tires
- Arrma CVD's front and rear
- Diffs: Arrma composite diff cups, Arrma metal crown and input gears, Hot Racing yokes, Avid Racing ceramic bearings, 2MM diff fluid, shimmed to perfection
- Typhon hubs (slightly narrower so the tires don't rub the body)
- Avid Racing ceramic bearings throughout
- Carbon fiber side skirts and front splitter (splitter took some damage but can be used and doesn't scrape)
- Traxxas 17mm hubs TRA5353X

Comes with a large bag of take-off and spare parts.

PayPal only, you cover the 3% for G&S. Shipping is on you.










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Which M2C Racing chassis brace is that, I don't see one on their site for the Vendetta?
M2C 3451 3S LWB Chassis Brace. Listed for the Big Rock/Typhon/Senton but fits the Vendetta as all four cars use the longer 3S wheelbase.