Arrma's 1/10 scale aluminium hop-up parts, which never came to the shops

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I guess a lot of you have never seen the announcement of Arrma on the German Nurnberg RC show (the biggest and most important in the world of 2013:

Above you see what appears to be modified (in length) Durango aluminium big bore shocks.
You can also see CVD's, which would be more than a welcome addition to the cars!

Here how they look on a Granite:

Check out those wheel hubs! On the above picture you can see them also available for the rear hubs.

This would have been the BLX version of the Granite, which would include all these hop-up parts.
Really a shame only a few are available halfway 2015...

See the original thread on the official Arrma Factory forum
Indeed Eek-the-Fox, no 1/10 scale versions as can be seen in the original post. No CVD's...

Indeed the 1/8 scale parts are confusing. Obviously they produced those instead serving the fan base which was already there :(
Son of an onion!!! I just had a crazy emotional Rollercoaster thinking I finally found some great upgrade parts only to fly off the rails and crash and burn... o_O
traxxas aluminum big bore shocks fit the granite. The part number is 5862. It includes the front and rear shocks.
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