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I would like to change the arragement from 4S to 6s in my Limitless converted to Felony basher. Turns out space is limited with the large XLX2 and long TP 4070 motor. Or my 5200 6s CNHL Lipo are just too long. Not sure if I have to go wider with carbon side skirts. Was trying to prevent that.


Could you please post some pictures of how you place your 6s batteries in your Limitles? Won't fit next to the motor, just too long.

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Your probably going to have to get creative with how you mount the xlx2. On the esc side i used the battery tray from a felony i think.
Did not know the Felony had different trays. Will have to look at that.

If you ditch the plastic stuff and go with some battery straps that can be mounted onto the chassis that might help?

Saga custom rc and scorched are the top 2 providers of those.
Just had a look at scorched - was not aware they have so many different parts.

Happy about more pictures and ideas..... (y) (y)
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Solution was pretty simple to go to 6s from 4s and 8s. 54T spur and 2mm aluminium metal plate to get the mount a bit higher. Cut open the battery tray and mounted one Scorched battery mount buckle. Just got to see what pinion makes sense for bashing. Might need to install a smaller spur and then also remove the aluminium plate. Fans operated by 3s lipo.


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