Kraton Battery Tray Replacement

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For me, the battery tray on the 6S lineup is such a pain & hassle to get batteries in & out of. What is the current go-to for a replacement tray that simplifies the process? This would be for running normal 6S or 2-3S batteries on a Kraton & Outcast. Not needing something that will hold larger batteries, just a simple plug & play.

I haven't swapped mine yet but its on my to do list.
There is a Hot Racing aluminum tray, kinda pricey though at $54 and requires either different receiver box or you'll need to mod the stock box to fit.
Hot Racing battery tray

Xtreme Racing makes a battery forward mounted tray for the Typhon, not sure if it would be good for longer rigs but should fit. Wish I could find feedback from anyone that has used it on a Kraton or Talion.
Xtreme Racing carbon fiber battery tray,aps,132&sr=8-14

I find the 6s stocker tray to be ok. I never run double 3s packs. Single 6s Bricks only. Tandem packs are horrible with the Stocker tray IMHO. A liability if anything.
>>> But you can custom build a lipo mount. With some creativity. And some good velcro straps. I would use 3 straps. The stocker setup uses just 2.
HR used to make an Arrma upgrade one. Plug and play. Just not available any more.
The only main weakness I find with the stocker tray is that it is made of plastic and the fasteners can strip out at times. Ejected lipos is a big liability when this happens. Also the Arrma velcro straps end up ripping and tearing apart with hard impacts over time. Better quality straps exist. Been there.
You can mod up a new Lipo tray if you are so inclined.(y)
I would look to CF or alloy trays if you do.(y)
It's always good to use 1/8-1/4" thick foam padding on the bottom of the trays whatever you do. What I do with the stocker trays.,aps,131&sr=8-1-spons&sp_csd=d2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zcF9hdGY&th=1
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Bash it tray? Link?

It’s low profile and has a mount for the receiver box. You can mount pretty much any 6s size battery

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