Kraton Battery tray end tab holder thing

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What is this thing at the end of the battery tray? To hold a balance lipo plug? Well I cut it off & smoothed it out. I've never known what it's for with the little tethered clip.



Lipo balance lead holder/retainer
To keep it from flopping around when bashing..

You chopped it clean off.
Lipo balance lead holder/retainer
I thought that was it's purpose but never really seen it done. I tried in past to fit one in there with no avail. It was probably me. It's gone now.
Without looking at it currently I thought the purpose was to prevent the balance lead from getting caught up in the drive shaft??
Useless, you pop a battery out when using that... bye bye battery!!! Well the plug for sure!!!Mike
I always tucked it in the velcro. Oh well. My bad. Now I know. I haven't lost a battery or balance plug yet! To each his own
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