Kraton Battery tray

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Arrma RC's
Side of battery tray rubbed by gear.. I think my soft batts are just fitting tightly and not sure if it bends the side of the tray towards the gear on turns.. Glad noticed it else it might have been in flames. Any mod you can advise to prevent this and also good hardcase battery you can recommend? Thanks!

I'm running a real nice 5S from RcJuice.....he's great to do business with.

Look at your battery tray, you can see that the mounting holes can allow the tray to slide over toward the center diff. You can just fill those slots up with some hot glue. Another thing I did was....I just cut a piece of hard plastic and double sided tape it to the side of my soft pack and hard packs also. If the battery does go over near the has some protection. Velcro the entire bottom of the tray also.. then use those plastic battery strap clamps on top of the battery...Velcro those to the top of the battery... Shim the slack in the tray with some foam....mostly use it in front of the battery. Locks it all in real nice. I'll show you pics of my battery strapped in if you want.
Thanks @trout74 and @Vanning for the suggestions!

I did check the tray, its still fixed on its position but you are right the mounting holes if the screws get loose can make the tray move towards the gear.

@Vanning I think I've read somewhere here about your tray mod. Thanks for being detailed on your reply.
Would greatly appreciate if you can share some pics. Thanks!
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