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I have a slash 4x4 platinum that has a velineon vxl3s brushless system. My son runs the fury now and wants brushless in it. I am thinking about giving him the velineon system (motor and esc) and going with a different brushless system for the slash.

What would I need to change out on the fury if I did this? (Spur gear, pinion gear at minimum)

Suggestions and thoughts welcome!
To start off, I'd run the stock pinion/spur gears and see how it runs and adjust from there depending on the results. If it's a 2014 or newer Fury, it has plastic gears in the transmission, so at some point a BLX transmission will be in order. See:

I put a BLX trans in my Fury with the new brushless motor. My son's Raider, I left the stock trans in it with a Castle 4600Kv, as kind of a science experiment to see how long it
I'm still running all the stock gears in my fury after installing the castle creations sct combo, I did have to drill out and add a longer pin to the gear #310418


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