1. Farmer4H

    KJLM Racing 80mm Dogbones needed

    Working on an ARRMA Fury. I really enjoy this truck. Bought it for my daughter years ago and she is all grown up and moved away. Hoping one day to play with this truck and introduce it to my grand kids. What I need now is 80mm dogbones
  2. isky8u

    Fury Fury runs very slow

    Hi there, I have a Fury and when the battery is fully charged and I turn on everything the truck takes off like normal. But when I let off the throttle the truck seems to go into limp mode. It just goes about 5 mph. If I turn off the truck and turn it back on, I hear the fan run and get the tone...
  3. Snafu

    Fury mega no steering

    Am I having a controller issue or a servo I recently bought an arrma Fury mega please correct me if I'm wrong and I lost all steering today and will not come back. Check batteries and wires all seems to be good. The red LED light on the receiver does not indicate a signal when I try to steer the...
  4. C

    Full speed after switch off remote control

    Hi guys, I just bought a used Fury BLX and have following problem: When I switch off the remote control the car goes in full speed. Right now I have to switch off the car first and after that the remote control. Do you have any hints for me? I did resets and reconnection but nothing helped so far.
  5. N

    Which screws I need to attach the aluminum side plates?

    Hi, Can you please tell me which screws I need to attach the aluminum side plates Arrma Part AR320200 to Fury chassis? Thanks, Nick
  6. LoganH

    Oil for stock shocks on Fury

    I had a nasty 45mph crash yesterday and I busted off the shock cap on the front left shock and oil spilled everywhere. What kind of oil is used in these and where can i buy it?
  7. D

    Replacing Fury Mega spur gear

    I recently installed a traxxas 12t brushed motor in my fury and found the plastic spur gear has a section of teeth worn out after using it twice. Is there an aluminum spur gear i can replace the plastic one with? Or do i just replace it with the same 87 tooth plastic spur gear? Anything else i...
  8. Crash Bandicoot

    Diff oil weight

    Hello, I've lunched my composite idler gears in the gearbox of my 6 month old Mega Fury, which now runs a 4000kV brushless 3s setup and larger monster truck wheels. My Fury is a 100% basher, running mainly on grass and dirt, with occasional asphalt runs. I'm putting together new metal...
  9. Skaxis

    SOLD / FOUND Customized Fury Mega

    As a follow-up to my previous "WTB an SCT" post, I am now selling the Fury I built for my work buddy since he backed out of the deal after I went to all the work and expense to get him setup. (Grrrrr) :mad: Please see my eBay listing for details. If you have any questions, post them here...
  10. ChadFury

    Mounting my ESC?

    Does anybody know a good alternative to the double-sided foam tape, for holding down the ESC?
  11. Skaxis

    Fury discontinued or just out of stock?

    The Fury Mega and BLX are unavailable or out of stock pretty much everywhwere. Tower doesn't even list the Fury anymore. Did Arrma drop the Fury?
  12. LoganH

    i blew up my motor...

    i blew up my stock motor with the fury mega... not literally though. it got EXTREMELY hot and melted the motor guard and when i removed it, it appeared rusty even though ive never driven it in wet conditions. So ive decided to convert to brushless with some GoolRC components and save my old ESC...
  13. biggman100

    Wiring lights to Fury

    Can i wire lights to ch3 on the reciever? If so, will they turn on automatically, or do i need a way to control them from the transmitter? Does anyone make a y splitter so that i could run 2 sets of lights from ch3? The reason for this is i am setting up a truck for my daughter to run. I...
  14. biggman100

    Used Fury questions

    I bought a used Fury, in what appears to be very good shape. Never raced as far as i can tell, never really bashed on, and, actually looks like it was barely used at all. The guy i bought it from though did do some upgrades, including swapping the brushed setup for a Castle Sidewinder brushless...
  15. LoganH

    Is MEGA hydroplane possible?

    Is it possible to hydroplane a Fury MEGA? And if it is, can it be done with stock tires?
  16. LoganH

    Looking for good servo prices

    Does anyone know where I can get a good servo for my Fury MEGA under $30? I just recently fried it in a bashing session and the front wheels turned full lock to the right. The servo then started to smoke. Help!
  17. arrmaracing

    What version of fury blx

    I just bought this Arrma Fury at my hobby shop for dirt cheap. Can anyone tell me what version this is. Thanks
  18. Bandit2017

    Front Shock tower modifications

    Just wanting to know if anybody has upgraded / replaced the front shock tower to support a longer shock or for more strength? Home made or modded from another RC?
  19. T

    upgrading to brushless

    http://www.greathobbies.com/productinfo/?prod_id=CCR010012303 will this work on my armma fury mega?
  20. T


    Ok so my Fury mega is like its on lvc all the time even when i run nimh it cuts off when battery gets low but i have the jumper in the right spot....