Can you help me start my granite?

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Hi my name is Darrick I just purchased a granite and I can't get any throttle response out of it I can steer it but it won't go the ecs is flashing I don't know what that means please help
@Carterd22 I don't have a Granite, but Hopefully this will get you started.

Is it new, just out of the box or have you run it before?

Does the motor spin or is it dead? If the motor spins its something in the drivetrain.

If the motor doesn't spin, Take the cover off the receiver and see if the connectors are tight.

Disconnect the motor from the ESC, take a voltage reading out of the ESC when you pull the trigger on the transmitter. Is voltage present?

Switch the connectors in the receiver and see if turning the wheel results in throttle response and/or pulling the trigger turns the wheels left and right.
i have a similar problem. i just purchased an arrma granite 2wd brushed yesterday november 26,2016. i charged the battery at the hobby shop. went home drove it. i hit the curb and i checked the truck, the front left side shock came apart at the top. then i kept running it and it suddenly stopped. i picked it up, turned it off and then on again and it continued running for about 10 seconds then it died again. i picked it up and did the same thing again, turned it off then on but this time i held the truck up and accelerated it and the rear wheels responded. it was running. as soon as i put it on the ground it lasted 10 seconds and then died. i noticed the wheels would turn but the truck would not accelerate at all. what could it be??

oh another thing. i charged it for about 3 hours and the battery never got warm. then i charged it a couple more hours and it would not get warm... is that normal, that the battery does not get warm??
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