Typhon Diff Oil for Bashing

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Hy Guys
What Diff Oil i should use for Bashing with my Typhon.
i drive with 4s
18 / 50 Pinion (can i try more Pinion with 4s ? )
It drive good on the street with stock setup but for offroad i think i should
change the Oil.
Its just about personal preference....
I hear lots of good thinks about 500k middle and 100k in the front and back..
Im gonna try that too..
But cant say it out of personal experience yet...
For my driving (40/40/20 - pavement & jumps / gravel / hard-pack dirt) I'm planning to use 1M cSt in center, 500K cSt in rear, and 100K cSt in front. I prefer to have the center as close to spooled as I can get, with the rear just a little less so. If I was trying to do anything even remotely competitive I'd go 100K front and rear, and depending on how it handles possibly drop the center to 500K.
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