Drain holes in tires are a must

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Putting vent/drain holes in the tires is critical. My older tires are so full of water and dirt, they are dangerously out of balance. I put 4 holes in each tire with my soldering iron and put the car on its back then hit the throttle. Lines of water sprayed out. One older tire was wobbling so out of balance I had to put 8 holes in it. The wobbling looks like it puts a lot more wear on all parts of the car connected to it.
Also it ist better to close the holes in the rims.
To make the holes with a solder iron is the best way from my point of view.
My Stock Mojave wheels are also full of debris. I will try the soldering iron trick.
Maybe I can save the wheels. They feel quite heavy compared with the identical front tires
I use my old toaster oven to bake my tires off, been doing it for years, with all tires, even mounted prolines, and ones i've re-glued with regular super glue and tire glue. I have not encountered any issues besides some minor brittle glue residue left on the wheel (can be scraped off with flat head screwdriver)

But basically to start: (depending on oven, rack placement, tire size)
300 degrees
10 min
use some gloves and gently push down on the bead or pull on it, the glue is brittle and should just break apart.
you need not force it, put back in for 5min at a time, it should pop right off
careful if you have water already in tires, when you pop them off STEAM will come out :)

Hope this helps people. Also the rubber smell does stay in your stove for awhile, doesn't "seem" permanent. But I use old toaster oven to be safe.
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