Fazon Wheelie Mode ...Costco lot and jumpmanjummanjumpman

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Fazon in the shop - Savox high torque servo and looks like a rear diff and or slipper clutch reset... hmmmm could it be the wheelie mode? Brand new truck 3rd run. Really?

Senton drove just like an 1/8th scale in the grass. no wiggy wiggy skip left skip right under full throttle. Lands jumps 1000% better with no afterbounce.
After watching, it may be possible the diff went. it seemed like it was hitting that wheelie bar hard enough the back wheels were coming off the ground and then touching down.

Either way, fun videos. i seen you having to side step that Nero coming in hot a couple times haha
So funny you say that because it was so powerful it would go up on the wheelie bar wheels sometimes... the LHS said the rear diff might be shot...well after 3/4 runs - that would be one big huge suck... This is why I avoided the diff brain when I got my Nero back in the summer.
Turns out pin connecting the rear UJ fell out - annoying and familiar - same thing happened to the nero
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