Kraton Firma 2050Kv Brushless Motor Bearings

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  1. Kraton 6s
Currently have a Kraton v5 6s BLX and looking to purchase some motor bearings but can't seem to find any info on their site on which sizes they are. According to the explody view its a Firma 2050Kv Brushless Motor, but when I look at the actual motor info I don't see any details about the bearings inside.

Anyone know which size bearings they are? And for replacement I would imagine FastEddy for JimsBearings would have some. Or does anyone know any other ones that are good quality ones for bashing?
I bought a set of Jim's Bearings. The set includes three bearings - Arrma changed the size of one bearing at one point, so Jim includes both sizes.
I remember them changing the 3s motor but not the 6s.
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