First run, first thoughts.

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I NEED A WHEELIE BAR!!!! I was impressed with the Nero. Has that big, roll over anything kind of feel. Punch is outstanding. Loads and loads of torque. Did I mention that I need a wheelie bar? I've seen many complain of the steering servo. I would describe it like they used to label torque figures on an old Rolls, it's more than adequate. A little sluggish while setting still, but once you're moving, it does the job without fuss. Didn't really break anything. The body took a beating and one of the mount holes kinda busted, but that's it. Great jumper. Very easy to adjust the attitude while airborn. I was not too impressed with its outright speed. I know it's big and heavy, but the thing looks like such a beast that I guess I was expecting more. As far as sheer power and speed go, I was way more impressed by my Senton. Man, that thing is a rocket. Also don't like the Arrma tuning on the reverse. Seems like I'm getting about 30-40% power in reverse. It's enough to pull off some decent Rockfords, but not much else. My Senton, on the other hand, seems to get full power in reverse. It's nothing to set that thing into a flat spin on the driveway. I will continue exploring the limits of the Nero once I find a good wheelie bar. Can anyone recommend one that will work well, but not get in the way while bashing?
I have a few Arrmas. All have TBone racing bumpers and wheelie bars. Nice and wide and beyond durable. Also have the dirt gaurds. Protect your neck.


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Julian it seems you have the wide bumper on the blue Nero and the narrow on the fazon. Which do you prefer? And do you think the skids are worth it?
Julian it seems you have the wide bumper on the blue Nero and the narrow on the fazon. Which do you prefer? And do you think the skids are worth it?
The Nero has the original Nero bumper and the fazon has the new version. They are exactly the same width. The new one is adjustable. Love them.


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Wheelie bar on the way. Yay!
You will be pleased. The stock Arrma one is a joke in comparison. Thing is - it's wife enough to Balance the wheelie OFF ROAD as well as pavement... I use lego tires with foam for the wheels


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