French Granite Blx

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I present you my Granite Blx.

- only 3s - front bumper - Absima racing metal shocks - Arrma optional pinion

20160319_130123.jpg 20160313_122331.jpg 20160319_130239.jpg 20160313_122509.jpg 20160313_122433.jpg 20160313_122355.jpg
Thank you.

The official T-Bone is good but not very beautiful so I used something else.

It's the rear bumper from ECX Ruckus 1/10 brushless.
Just need to cut a little and fix it with "zip". It fits perfektly with good look for the Granite.
New esc.
The stock is ever ok but wanted to run on 3S without overheat and try it on 4S.
Now is the esc BLX180 from Kraton in place and on 3S the Granite has more punch with quick throttle!!
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