1. O

    Senton 3S tire replacement

    On my second day of use the right front tire of my Senton 3S delaminated. I was initially looking to just replace the tire (and entire wheel if neccessary) with another stock one, but it seems like they're really hard to find. I'm also running into trouble finding any replacement that comes in...
  2. C

    Granite Granite Falcon

    I just finished a new paint job for my quarantine toy. I Got this 3S BLX back in March right before the shortage, after getting a few cheap trucks for my kids and having a blast with them. Since then I've made quite a few changes: -ebay Big Bore aluminum shocks (right out of the box)...
  3. GilMKIII

    The Sentons Lair

    What’s up everyone, SCT’s are my favorite kind of R/C trucks. Sentons fit the bill perfectly. My first Senton is a Mega that I converted to a 3s BLX. My second is a factory 3s BLX that I converted to a 4s BLX. Lastly are my 6s Sentons. I now have three 6s trucks. One is a Driver truck. It’s...
  4. senor_arrma

    A short history of a used Senton 3s BLX

    I'll blog my experience with this used Senton 3s BLX I picked up.
  5. Double back flips! - Granite BLX 3s (unedited)

    Double back flips! - Granite BLX 3s (unedited)

    A nice series of jumps including my first double back flips. Single unedited shot. The ramp is made from cardboard & gorilla tape.
  6. ailwynj

    Granite General radio help

    Hi all, Taken delivery of my Granite and had ordered a GT5 trans and receiver to come with it, swapping out the STX2 straight away out of the box. I have set the neutral/full throttle and full brake as per the manual. ESC settings are out of the box... I am finding that if the vehicle is...
  7. gary.rvp

    Mojave The motor broke?

    The car don’t go front or reverse. The mesh is good I going to attach to videos.
  8. gary.rvp

    Mojave Mojave replacement Tire

    Hi I am trying to fix that my tire don rip inside. I I put m2c extended wheel nuts, and it doing again y talk with Horizon about the problem and they keep sending me tire. They toll me that talk to my hobby shop to see if recomer other stronger arrma tire that fix any ideas?
  9. gary.rvp

    Mojave Mojave back lose any recommendations?

    Hi I am running 60k front 200k Center 20k in the back. have the stock motor with speed stock gear. and firma 160 amp with a 6s 50C. when I trade to go full gas is go sidewise. and make me go loose I att a video.
  10. J

    Granite Granite 4x4 3s blx bearing swap

    Does anyone know where I can find a how to for a bearing swap in a granite 4x4 3s blx? I have a fast eddy kit coming in the mail and need to find where all the bearings are going to go. Besides the exploited view of the parts does anyone have a simpler way?
  11. Duck_rc_car

    Fazon body on a Talion?

    Does a Fazon 6s body fit on a Talion? (or Kraton even..) So ive decided my Talion needs a new body, and who better to ask than the experts.. Ive checked the exploded view of the Fazon and it seems the back end is quite different from the Talion, but, would it be possible without too much...
  12. Papajohn

    Senton Senton 3s blx issues with 15t pinion & 26t pinion

    Hey guys, New member here 🤙🏽 I’ve had my 3s senton for about a two months now and have decided to try out different pinion gears such as the 15t and 26t. I tried out the 26t pinion and placed the screws in the designated “26” positions but the screws were so snug to the pinion itself that it...
  13. gary.rvp

    Mojave What receiver for new control ?

    I have DX2E and With sr310 receiver and they send me stx3 with srx300. Wish receiver us With the stx3 the sr310 or srx300?
  14. MayhemDad

    NEWBIE Senton 4x4 3S BLX Battery Suggestion?

    I'm sure this has been asked 100 time, so let me apologize now. Instead of fixing 10+ year-old cars that were given to us, we've decided to go new with the Senton 4x4 3s BLX. It should be here on Monday. Obviously, we'll need a battery & charger setup. I don't like dirt cheap garbage, but we...
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    My senton 3
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    My senton 3s
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    My senton 3s
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    My senton 3s
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    My senton 3s
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    My senton 3s