1. Arrma Typhon

    Arrma Typhon

    My Typhon Mega V3 converted to a 3S BLX.
  2. MacX3

    Another problem, no forward throttle.

    Alright, so now my servo is working, it turns now, left and right after I redound it. Now I have another problem, it doesn't throttle forward, it does go into reverse. It was throttling forward before binding it. I did unplug the throttle plug and plugged it back in and still no forward...
  3. G

    Typhon New to RC Typhon 6S Upgrades

    Good afternoon, I got a Typhon 6s about as month ago and enjoyed driving it around for a bit. Unfortunately I found all the upgrades available for these cars and I wasn't able to leave well enough alone. So here is a thread on what I have done to it so far. Parts List Castle 1717 1260kv castle...
  4. G

    Senton Newb - Diff Issue? Horrible Grinding Noise

    Hi, my 8 year old son has a Senton 3S BLX. We only run it on 2S and it has a 13T pinion to slow him down and reduce damage. Not long ago it started making a horrible noise from the diff area. It turns out that the bearing for the Spur gear came apart in pieces, so I replaced them. But the...
  5. B

    Kraton Kraton 6s BLX read diff upgrade

    Hi everyone, I bought a Kraton 6s V5 BLX recently, it is my first 6s RC, I only had a 2s 1/10 before that. I think I got a bit carried away with the backflip thing and I ruined my rear diff main gear (see picture). This I believe happend over only two packs. My first question would be: is...
  6. Enferius

    Big Rock Release the Kraken!

    Updated 6/22/21 Big Rock to Kraton transformation is now complete! You can find new and updated photos of the truck in the comments. Parts list updated accordingly! Hello friends! This is my second basher, but first time building a truck. I've owned the Big Rock for about 3 weeks now and as the...
  7. ghozti3

    Granite Granite blx hot racing input gear diff does not fit

    I tried the hot racing diff in the rear of my granite and it didn’t work because the input gear is too long and it bottoms out in the slipper clutch housing before the motor housing snaps in place? Someone here can help me? I’m not using the hr yoke
  8. Sapper66

    Send-It Senton Kinda

    Welcome to my build log of a 2 week old Senton BLX V3. Personal background: I've been in and out of the hobby since around 2000. owned and raced everything from micros to 5th scale gassers, electric, nitro and gas. I prefer crawlers the most and this senton is my truck for when I need a break...
  9. BashRc

    Steel Spur Gear For Senton 3s BLX

    I recently stripped my composite spur gear when i changed my pinion to 14t. I feel like it was a mesh issue that stripped it but to prevent further stripping of spur, Which steel gear works with the Senton 3s BLX V3. I have seen that the 4s steel spur might work but I would need 4s slipper pads...
  10. C

    Granite 4x4 3s BLX losing power?

    My 3s BLX seems to be sometimes losing power to the wheels and it affects how fast I can go. Regardless of the power setting, my max speed with the throttle fully pinned is sometimes decreased, and it seems like the wheels have a wobble to them when I increase speed. I'm new to the RC world, any...
  11. M

    Senton Newbie here. Just need help with my final decision on the senton

    so after lots of research i finally came down to the Senton V3 3s BLX. I'm looking at bashing but would like the ability to do some for fun racing at my local track. a few questions i couldn't seem to find the answer to on my own was if the senton v3 has a gyro. and if the leaky shocks was fixed...
  12. BashRc

    Help with Yeah Racing Fan install

    I just got a Yeah Racing aluminum fan to replace the stock motor fan on the senton 3s BLX v3 and am having trouble finding any info on how to get these connectors to work. I did not realize that the connector plugs on the fans were different and am not sure where to go from here. I've searched...
  13. S

    Talion Talion 6s runs good in the air, but struggles to move on the ground

    I just recently replaced my rear wheel hub, and recalibrated the esc, along with new wheels. Once I was off to run it, the car struggled to move at around 15%throttle. under that it was running perfectly fine. I held the car in the air and it went full throttle no problem. once I put it on the...
  14. m.mahdi_sh

    Granite main gear linear play?

    hey there finally i got a granite V3 Blx as my first rc and i've got some soldering to do so i thought i should check on the gear mesh and the slipper clutch as i've read some had problems with them out of the box. i took out the power module, unscrewed the case, the mesh was a little tight so i...
  15. D

    Best servo upgrade for Arrma Senton BLX

    What would be the best servo upgrade for my arrma senton blx as the old stock one took a poop.
  16. BashRc

    Senton Help identifying parts

    So I took a pretty decent crash the other day and broke an Suspension arm. Fixed that and after my wheel stance up front looked off. I dug deeper and found this was broken. I'm not sure what parts these are so any help is appreciated. I looked at a steering block and wasn't sure if that is it or...
  17. F

    Bent chassis - talion

    Hi, I have recently crashed my talion and the chassis is pretty bent. Will I be okay driving with that or should I buy a new one?
  18. ActionRc

    For Sale Arrma Granite Blx 3s

    Hello, I am selling my loved Granite Blx 3s. I am not into the hobby anymore I just don't have the time anymore. It has some upgrades on it. Like upgraded shocks, rear RPM A-ARMS, Dumbo RC radio. I am adding my 3s gensacearespammers battery 5000mah 50c, also a hobby-grade battery charger that can charge...
  19. Peejwk

    Mojave To mojave exb or blx?

    So I keep thinking about the mojave and just know I'm gonna end up getting one....tommarro hah. What I'm trying to figure out though is which one. What I would like to do is buy a blx and take the spektrum 150 out, put it in my exb kraton, and take the spektrum 8s electronics out my kraton and...
  20. JD23PDX

    Kraton Kraton 6S BLX V5 - Upgrade Journey (ideas welcomed!)

    Run Video (April 4, 2021) Phase Pics Parts Notes Step 1 (Unboxing) Kraton 6S BLX V5 Step 2 Receiver Swap (out) Spektrum SR315 (in) Spektrum SR6200A Great news is that the V5 Kraton BLX receiver box has been made larger to accomodate a broader range of receivers. I swapped in...