1. larrytokes

    Street Bash

    The plow left me a sweet little jump on the side of the road so I had to set up the GoPro! larrytokes if you want to follow or subscribe 🤷‍♂️
  2. C

    Full speed after switch off remote control

    Hi guys, I just bought a used Fury BLX and have following problem: When I switch off the remote control the car goes in full speed. Right now I have to switch off the car first and after that the remote control. Do you have any hints for me? I did resets and reconnection but nothing helped so far.
  3. larrytokes

    Suggestions for body shell with 11.3" wheel base?

    Has anyone swapped out bodies on a Granite BLX yet? Or any other RC's with 11.3" wheel base? I want to paint a body shell and I'm looking for different options if anyone wants to throw some out there. Thanks
  4. larrytokes

    Late Night Winter Bashing

    Off the shelf with some late night bashing yesterday.
  5. Cwatson427

    BLX Please help

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum and had a quick question if anyone could help. I just recently received my new 3s typhon and I'm noticing there is alot of resistance. What I mean is I'll give it throttle and it slows down pretty quick. It's almost like it had bushings not bearings which I know is...
  6. MountainHiker

    BLX Not a build.

    Just keeping it going is proving to be time consuming. I don't mind doing maintenance/repairs, but my local hobby store has also proven to be unreliable. Have waited 10 days for a stock shock shaft and the piece that connects it to the a arm, they said it would be here next day. I've just been...
  7. D

    Please help me locate tuning chart for the BLX200

    Hello, I have a Blx200 (AR390173) and I’m having trouble locating the tuning chart. It only has 5 options, but just having a hard time locating the right one. For some reason, the one on the Nero manual doesn’t match. Could someone please help me locat a chart? Thank you.
  8. Thomas P

    TpParts RcXtremes | ARRMA Tsaagan 6s BLX 1/12th 4wd truck

    Ok, i know...i know..blurred pic..its a body ofc 👀😋. No i will not tell yet..its a semi long term project. This is something that we never seen, never been done. It will be 1 of a nind, and worlds first. Just recived some quotes on material for it. Stay tune for more updates No, it will not...
  9. G

    Granite 3S BLX Stock Tires

    So today I made a trip to my LHS. I was looking for a Brute body for my Granite but they didn't have one. So I was looking at a set of the stock tires and wheels on the shelf and noticed that they are a LOT softer then the wheels and tires that come from the factory on a Granite, even the shop...
  10. cesarem008

    What tire do you recommend senton 6s

    Since I got my senton 6s blx new I've been having trouble finding the right tire I have the stock ones those only lasted a couple of runs before they ballooned and ripped of I got some duratrax banditos and those got unglued and currently I have some duratrax lockups that seem to be holding up...
  11. Bigdog3890

    Granite a arms

    Does anyone know if these a arms for granite fit on the 4x4 blx version ?
  12. Sledgehog

    RCDriver_Online's review of the Granite 4x4 BLX

    Even after breaking it ( due to user error and cold weather as he admits) they give it a shining review. :D
  13. mactek

    Big Rock Crew Cab motor extremely hot

    Just got a Big Rock and noticed when running on 3s and punch setting of 5 the motor gets extremely hot. At one point the car stopped responding due to overheating. I was using a 5000 3s 40c pack. Is this normal?
  14. Kylerc

    New to arrma: thoughts on granite 4x4 3s?

    I got a bit of money now from Christmas I’ve been drooling on the arrma section at the hobby shop for some time. I would like to know peoples thoughts such as possible diff problems, problem parts and common opinions. I’m not an extreme basher maybe one low speed backflip for fun, jumps...
  15. rudedogg79

    Granite 4x4 BLX upgrades

    Hey everyone, I was gifted by my awesome wife a new armma Granite BLX 3S. This is pretty much my first RC (ever) and would like recommendations for upgrades that will make the truck as solid as possible so that I am not driving 45 minutes to the nearest hobby shop every weekend. Like I said, i'm...
  16. E

    which bearing kit for senton 3s BLX?

    hello everyone, new to the forum. recently bought a senton 3s BLX. I ordered a fast eddy bearing kit labeled "arrma senton BLX". started to install bearings on the rear hub and none of the bearings in the kit match the larger of the two bearings on the hub. do I need to buy the senton mega 4x4...
  17. Brewcity414

    Senton 3s blx receiver swap

    has anyone swapped out their Tactic receiver for this truck? Any suggestions?
  18. Arrma Granite 4x4 3S BLX Setting Up The Throttle!

    Arrma Granite 4x4 3S BLX Setting Up The Throttle!

    Problems with Arrma Granite 4x4 3S BLX reverse or throttle? Here's how to set up the throttle/neutral/rev on any Arrma 4x4 3S BLX. Subscribe For More RC's - ...
  19. Lug Nut

    Granite BLX crawler conversion

    Is it possible to setup my Granite BLX as a crawler? From time to time I would like to utilize my G-BLX as a Crawler so I'm looking for some simple modifications to convert my rig from a basher to a crawler and back again. Any help with this request would greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  20. Megasty

    Arrma Granite 4x4 6S BLX *V2*

    Early this year I put this together. It was a Granite 4x4 Mega with MEGA 6s power that it had no way of using. Plastic diffs & driveshafts made this creature feel like I dropped a LS2 in a Civic. That toy is gone. It decided to ditch its plastic guts & evolve into an all-powerful Arrma RC . ...