1. SwampYeti

    What weight oil should I use in 3s big rock front and rear diff?

    been lurking here for a few weeks and this forum has helped me with so much already, so first of all, thank you! I recently shredded my diffs at the local rc track, so now I'm upgrading to the metal parts but while I'm there I wanted to address some handling issues I have. First the rear diff...
  2. tigertodd

    Senton 3s BLX Short and Long Input Gears?

    So I have a differential out of a SENTON and a TYPHON and the input gears are different lengths, the SENTON being the longer of the two. Why is this? Is it a difference in versions? I’m guessing I can just cut the longer one and make it seat better against the spur gear.
  3. cancelthefuture

    Granite Discontinues continued Electric Boogaloo

    So apparently not only are the v2 4s models discontinued, now Senton 3s, Granite 3s, Granite Mega, Granite Boost, Vorteks Boost, Vorteks 3s, Infraction Mega, and Fireteam are all discontinued as well. I figured Fireteam was coming when the super sale happened, but the 3s and Mega discontinues...
  4. M

    Kraton Arrma Kraton EXB discontinued? Maybe Kraton 6s V6 coming soon?

    UK largest RC shop such as wheelspinmodel, modelsport, etc. they stopped selling that product anymore? Seem like arrma would make new next generation of EXB V2 and Kraton 6S V6? I am sure next Kraton 6S V6 will use EXB parts.
  5. SnowStorm

    Senton Water intrusion into receiver box

    In a teardown to replace the ESC, I found a good amount of water in the receiver box. Besides now being unsure if the ESC is the actual issue, Im wondering if this is a known issue or if I did something wrong when I replaced the servo. It does seem like a lot of wires crammed into that tiny...
  6. BO55_Saint

    Kraton 6s Frankenstein BLX

    Hey Guys!!! Got me a Kraton v5 BLX in December, I've been running it stock until I had a crash which tore the hinge pin through the A-arm, bent a shock stand-off plus some other minor damage. I decided this was a good time to start upgrading some of the BLX parts but I kinda got carried away...
  7. Cunningham1420

    Typhon Amazon Ovonic Battery Sale

    On Amazon if you search for the Ovonics 5200mah 80c 3s LIPO it went on sale today for $23. Don't know how long they'll be on sale but it's through Ovonics Direct and shipped by Amazon. I just got #3 for $72
  8. ChriswithaC

    Big Rock How I set up my big rock for the first time video

    Hey dudes. I've started a YouTube channel and today I made a video showing new people to the hobby what to check before running . Hope you enjoy it and if you did please like , share and subscribe. Really does help me with the channel honestly. Thanks in advance ChriswithaC
  9. oceanrising

    Issue with Etronics Pulse radio and BLX100 ESC -- FIXED!

    I bought a used Granite 4WD 3S BLX, which was stock except for the radio, an Etronix Pulse 3ch somethingy. I bought new 4600mAh NiMH batteries. Perhaps an error, perhaps not. They have been cycled (dchg/chg) twice after I got them. Charger is SkyRC D100 V2. Battery issue. The car runs quite...
  10. Warby

    Warby's ADX-10 restoration

    I found this old Arrma ADX-10 on eBay Australia and without really thinking I put in a low offer. It was accepted. I’d never seen one for sale before. Now I know it's old, very used and broken but I love a good restoration so here I go. Before I start, here's a little bit of history on this...
  11. Bolshevikjoe

    SOLD / FOUND Arrma Senton 3s BXL v3 - $225 shipped

    They got me with the last minute sales ad for the Notorious so to justify adding another rig to the fleet, I come again seeking your financial support. Purchased this Senton in June and might have ran 5-6 packs through it. Perfect condition mechanically and cosmetically too for the most part...
  12. SaltyLocal

    Kraton Definitive differences

    Hey Team, I’m sure this has been discussed before but I’m simply not finding definitive answers… Can some please inform me what specific parts, besides the 7075 chassis and center braces, are different between the Kraton BLX and EXB models?
  13. Arrmas in Bashing Paradise (Finland)

    Arrmas in Bashing Paradise (Finland)

    Arrma Kratons and a Big Rock in Bashing Paradise in Southern Finland (October 2022). This is my favorite place for bashing with my Arrmas. The place is big, rough and awesome!
  14. Draven

    SOLD / FOUND DFW - Typhon 3s, lipo and street tires included

    $220 cash or zelle. Local pickup in Lewisville TX. Needs receiver, transmitter, battery charger. Selling to fun rock crawler build. Album -Includes 5000mah 3s graphene lipo -Hoons street tires -Stock typhone tires are like new and unused -Flashing LED in back installed
  15. Megaladon_Senton

    Senton Testing.. is this thing on?

    Hi y’all, new to the forums. Wanted to share a few pictures of the custom Senton 4x4 BLX build I have been working on. Slapped on a proline megaladon body, and DE racing speedway wheels wrapped in proline hyrax tires. Loving the look of it. 💪🦈
  16. BronkoRC

    Granite Screw in the rear differential

    Hey folks, today i made a shocking discovery in my rear diff. The Granite BLX v3 is brand new (only 6 Lipo-packs in). After a quick run on a sand/gras mix surface it started to sound pretty bad. Like a stripped gear or sand in the gears. I stopped driving immediatly to prevent more damage. The...
  17. S

    Big Rock Arrma Big Rock BLX V3 Motor Upgrade

    Hello! I am a complete newbie to the sport and looking for suggestions on what motor I should use. I recently purchased a Big Rock BLX V3 and upgraded almost everything with Hot Racing parts, M2C Racing, T-Bone Racing, and Spektrum. The car is upgraded tough and the only main factory item I...
  18. 20220511_200156.jpg


    Cheap ebay lights mounted well enough for me
  19. r a y

    Typhon 6s suspension on 3s Typhon FINALLY dialed in

    And I'm SUPER thrilled with how it drives now! And lemme just preface that I run mainly on hard surfaces. Long story short, I roasted my rear diff last fall. So over the winter I ordered Arrma HD steel crown and steel input gears, along with Hot Racing aluminum yolks for front and rear and...
  20. gudfear

    Senton 1st Arrma, used Senton 3S BLX, just getting started

    I picked up a used Senton 3S BLX a few days ago. It's been well loved, but also has a few minor upgrades. Some of the original bearings have been replaced, the front bumper was replaced (looks like another Arrma Senton from bumper), and the wheels and tires where replaced with street wheels...