Kraton Front lower arm replacement help...

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I manged to brake a lower arm on one side and the upper on the other. I started taking apart based off of common sense but I am stuck on trying to get to the rear lower hinge pin to remove it. I have got the hub, shock and sway bar detached from the arm, but i cant see how to get to the hinge pin. Any help out there for a newbie? This is my first modern RC. They have come a long way since the clodbuster! :)

I did download a manual but i didn't find it helpful.

Thanks in advance.

I posted this earlier but for some reason it got deleted so I will try again.

Remove the parts circled in red.

Thanks aj. So are the new pins press fit? I removed one of the lowed bolt on one side. Cam i get to the pthers without taking the diff out?
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