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I've had my Granite BLX since late December and have had to replace the center gear in the diff three times. (Part#AR310597) I'm just wondering if someone else has had the same problem with the diff. It's always the center one that strips out and they don't sell just the center gear you have to buy all 3 gears. Other than that love my Arrma Granite BLX. Also replaced tires with Proline trenchers and love them. Thanks waiting to hear back.
Upgrade to metal diff gear. I stripped the diff gear and the idler gear
Upgrade to metal diff gear. I stripped the diff gear and the idler gear

As I recently learned on our great forum, it depends which build of Granite you have.

The latest model has a different dimensioned gearbox compared to the metal one. At this point we even do not know if this tranny will fit the new model...
Upgrade to metal diff gear. I stripped the diff gear and the idler gear
Where can I buy the metal gears? The gear I keep striping is the center one.


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Tower has them in stock

That would be great news since nobody has ever seen them, or know the order number...
A great number with 2014 and newer Arrma 1/10th scale vehicle ownere have no option for metal gears. And any brushless system seem to shred the composite gears in no time :(

Could you post a link here?
Ok how about this bearing. 15 min. After unboxing 3a lipo on blx granite
From box. To set up controler.put battery in and ran it 15 min. Stock settings on everything. Waiting on parts from arrma. I have purchased metal gear set and does not match .20170324_164907.jpg
I'm thinking I need the old housing to make it work.

Model ar102660 factory set slipper. I did check for loose bolts but didn't think slipper would need adjustment. It was like 3 turns from snug.
If that's the middle gear no. I have purchased dif rebuild kit and metal gear set 2013. Arrma has sent what they say I need. Still waiting
I am not sure on the 2013 trans and the new trans I was told to get the metal diff gear and the 20 t idler gear metal also
Thanks for the help. Loved the truck was spook fast, just getting aggravated looking at it in pieces. That is my next purchase
I am still waiting to on mine getting back together to I feel you
It gets on my nerves to always replacing words with something that not even close

Don't forget to get new bearing, that was one of the first things I did was to replace all of the stock Arrma bearing with Avid Rc's sealed bearings. Also don't forget that you can get all of the gears off of eBay if you type in "Arrma Gear", just make sure you double check the part numbers.
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