Big Rock Nero on ebay looks like a fun build

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4 days 16hrs 0 bidders just saw this for anybody interested
Yeah Traxxas wanted the title of most overengineered and difficult RC to maintain.
So, I take it you don't like the Nero platform? LOL, it's not for everyone.
I always thought the Nero looked like a royal PITA to work on.
Not gonna lie, it is kind of a pain to work on, but I think it comes with the territory of the TVP layout.
Ya know all this kinda makes me not like traxxis even more I started with a cen nitro 2speed right in the 2000 then in 06 my older 3 kids were 7 /8 /9 I got the redcat summit crawler and a brushless volcano I was amazed I loved those cars that 3300kv is still rolling in my son's blackout but arrma and corrally for me I got to be 100 though in my opinion I think corrally is the sweet spot no offense I love my arrmas but I really want that kagama
The E revo and revo 3.3 platoform is complicated for sure. The layout is very weird. I haven't even bothered going into the diffs on my revo 3.3. It was passed down from my uncle to my cousin and now me. I know my uncle maintained it very well but my cousin beat the crap out of it. It takes the beating, atleast in the drivetrain. We will see what the 0.28 will do to the poor gearbox
Just an Underperforming E-Revo
Its a better e revo in every way except the suspension tune out of the box. Stiff ride
The nero is pretty easy to work on when you learn how to take it apart. The diffs come out like a time capsule. A bit fineky to get the center part back in but if you fellow the manual it goes trouble free
The original Nero outperformed the original E-Revo in every way, just like the Nero Big Rock outperformed the E-Revo 2.0. But, you're entitled to your opinion.
The only reason traxxas lawsuited arma for Nero bigrock was because they fealt threatened because there competitors were better🤣🤣🤣
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