Killer bee lipo batteries

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Has anyone used killer bee lipo batteries or heard of them? I notice they are cheaper than most but haven't seen many people talk about them.. My hobby shop has them, just not sure if they any good
@Drewski Killer Bee is very well known in the large scale RC scene. I have a couple Killer Bee LiPo's on my desk right now as well as use one in my Futaba 4PL. I would certainly recommend using them if you're thinking about buying one.
Thanks Woodie! I did buy one $40:) I haven't used it yet wasn't to sure but didn't want to pass it up. I thought it was a better than 60 so I'm glad to hear they are used by the pros!!
Are you talking killer bee lipo? Or KILLER RC lipo battery's. Killer rc is big in 5th scale only lipo I run on my 5th scales. Killer bee batteries from trinity. Are another brand however I have only seen them online no real knowledge on them.
Yes, the thread title is clearly kller bee lipo batteries, That's what I'm talking about. I'm not interested in a kill switch or something from killer RC.
Yes, the thread title is clearly kller bee LiPo batteries
That it is... but no where does it mention Trinity. ;) Considering I've seen many people call KillerRC other names, such as Killer Bee (since that's their kill switch name) it was an easy assumption to make. The hobby is bigger than you my friend. :)

I've never heard of or used the TRINITY killer bee LiPo battery, but I certainly look forward to hearing you share your experience with the battery after you've used it for a while.
Yep that's what I'm talking about there. Thanks I realize the hobby is bigger than me my friend, you can blame your assumption on me. Or do a little research before you jump into conclusions
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