Kraton Kraton 6s, need help with a new motor mount.

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I have purchased a Scorched Parts Rotolok basher motor mount for my Kraton. The problem is I can't get my spur and pinion gears to line up. My Hobbywing 1650kv motor shaft is too short to mount the pinion backwards and the hex driver groove is too shallow to mount the pinion the other way. I see the solution being carving the hex driver groove deeper so I can get the pinion to line up with the spur gear. Before I start carving on my new motor mount I would like to know if there is a better solution?
I think I know what you are seeing there. I would take measurements as to exactly where on the motor shaft Flat, where you need that pinion gear to exactly sit aligned to the Spur. With the Roto mount off. Maybe you can cheat and mount the pinion this way?
Otherwise yes, you may need to Dremel away some more relief on the mount for the Hex driver recess access. That's a tough one there.
Good luck.
It turns out my mountain bike all in one tool has a 2.5mm allen on it that's short enough to get under my pinion gear. Gear alignment is almost perfect so I'm going to go with what I have. Perfect gear alignment the pinion would drag on the motor mount. I question Scorches R&D process.
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