Kraton Kraton V2 jumpschool graduation

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New Rochelle, NY
Arrma RC's
  1. Nero

With the HPI Goliaths - jumping is soooo much easier. They are huge and have to be my nicest set and I have few sets of MT sets.While I have to keep it at 4S - still has more than enough torque to sky it through the air. My jumpspot is great because there is no comedown or far less as I'm jumping up to a plateau. It's about 25 ft to get up there. Nice thing is less consequences. If all my rigs - it's the Kraton V2 baby.
Have to settle my nerves buddy!!! If it hits that ramp the wrong way - the rc flies usually right into the incline....bad news bigtime. I actually bent a driveshaft once ... will be able to do it with that Kraton though - nice and light....
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