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just got a limitless v1 and have a stock motor and esc from a 6s kraton v5, will it run ok until I get something better?
I would recommend a center diff for until you can get better electronics. With my 4074 blx185 (slightly better than the firma 150 combo) and stock gearing, the on paper gear ratio is over 100mph. The braking power was terrible, and it handled poorly in general. With a 20t pinion gear and 50t spur I got an on paper speed of 64mph.
the gearing is so high I was worried of overheating
I'm not sure I understand. Those are the same electronics that come in the Infraction V2. What gearing are you planning on running?
ok, with the spool the smallest pinion I can use is 27t and that seemed high for that motor
That will work for speed running, but not for bashing. I agree with @#ARRMArcfanboy4life. Pick up a center diff with a 46T spur and pick up a 15&20T pinion. That should give you a good speed spectrum while not overheating your system too much.
ok, what diff fluid do you suggest in each end
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