Fireteam Lost my drivers virginity

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I've just had my big rock 6s out into my back yard for a trial run. This is my first ever rc vehicle, the grassed area is only about 60 feet by 25 feet so not much room for a raw rookie and powerful truck. I did calibrate both steering and throttle before taking it out. I only ran it at the 50% power setting on the slt3 controller and by gum I'm pleased I did because that thing took off like a rocket. Hoping to get it out to the local school field in the next few days so the big wide open space will be much safer for me and the truck.
So I have officially lost my drivers virginity. 😊
Enjoy the BR6. trees
6s is quite some power especially in the beginning. We like powerrrrr.;)
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Nice, I went from an older Xmaxx to a Typhon and destroyed the Typhon first run in a office complex parking lot. Went wide at speed into a cinderblock curb. :oops: 1/8 acceleration feels like it's on a different planet. Good to hear you enjoyed your first time behind the wheel. (y) You're also much smarter than me, cailbrating things before the maiden voyage.:ROFLMAO:
Thanks for all the encouragement, I was planning on running the BR6S on the school field today but the temp is minus 9C or about 18 F . Way too too cold for this old fart. Monday looks good at plus 5C.
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