Outcast Me and my Outcast - The first 24 hours

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Hi Folks,

It's been a rainy and cold couple of days in NorCal but I still found time to get in a few driving sessions with my new Arrma Outcast since taking delivery of it on Friday (after what felt like the longest 10 days of my life - Thanks Tower Hobbies for coming through!).

Here's my first impressions of the Outcast:

Conditions: Mix of carpeted living room, tiled hallway, and wet/dry pavement

High Points
  • It looks great!
  • Build quality is great ALMOST everywhere.
  • It's tough as nails...It took on a small car and a large sectional sofa and came out unscathed both times!
  • Impressed at least one neighbor, made few others uncomfortable.
Low Points
  • Wow that servo mount has a lot of wiggle!
  • My 2nd batch unit has long screws protruding into the battery tray.
  • Not RTR out of the box. I can forgive a battery and charger not being included but having to setup the transmitter throttle out of the box (and a major adjustment to the steering trim) was an unexpected chore. The thing took off on me and rammed into my buddies brand new couch with my finger off the throttle the first time I powered it up. He didn't like it but it was pretty funny. Arrma must reset the transmitter before it leaves the factory, which would be fine if an unconfigured throttle didn't cause the car to take off on its own.
  • A couple of the Caution stickers were crooked.
  • Hopefully the 16T pinion will make me feel otherwise but I'm somewhat regretting going the 4S route over 6S...I NEED MORE SPEED!
  • Back end of the chassis dip a good amount at speed. Not sure if I need to fix the differentials or the suspension first to fix this?
I may have listed more low than high points but all the lows are easily corrected. It's easy to see why so many people believe Arrma makes the best R/C for out of the box bashing. This is my first hobby grade R/C and my first day with one made me want another. I'm a huge fan of the Outcast!
Thanks WoodiE, I'm aware of the servo mount upgrade options. I wanted to see it first hand before I did anything to it.
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