1. M

    Outcast Outcast EXB servo/steering ?

    Just took my new EXB Outcast out for it's first bash in the local park. First changed the AVS to off and upped punch to 9 other than that no change on ESC from factory. At the park I noticed the steering getting lose or soft, turning radius was going down. Is the servo the problem or servo...
  2. 20210727_121350.jpg


    The Evil Twins 10th Anniversary OUTCAST ❤
  3. SaltyLocal

    Kraton Father and son basher

    Hey Folks! As some may know, I recently purchased my son a Big Rock for his 6th Birthday (many thanks to all you members who assisted with my questions). To say he loves it would be an understatement. However, I’d like to purchase another RC to bash with him. We aren’t looking for a speed demon...
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  7. Screenshot_20210711-163748_Gallery.jpg


    Big Air time with the Outcast 8s EXB
  8. smilozar

    Outcast Outcast 8S suspension upgrade

    Hi All I wanted to share my custom suspension setup for those of you, who like me, may be running a extra heavy O8S and are looking to improve things for high jump landings. I have a bashplate installed, Pro-line MX43 badlands wheels and tires and the Mamba Monster 2028 1100KV - all of which...
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    Heavy Weight Big Air Build coming soon
  10. 20210619_124717.jpg


    New Heavy Weight Build coming
  11. Outcast v3/v4

    Outcast v3/v4

    Sweeps on the outcast looks sick!!!
  12. Outcast sitting wide

    Outcast sitting wide

    Don’t let this thing hit your ankles
  13. jaatus

    Electronics swap time?

    I mentioned this quite briefly in an earlier post, but due to my own stupidity, I’m now having to buy a new motor for my outcast 6S. The big question i have, is spektrums smart stuff just a gimmick or is it worth the change? I do like the idea of having temps and such available to me at a...
  14. jaredthercboi

    Kraton Is the kraton like the erevo

    I never owned a arrma before and I am wanting to get a kraton or a outcast but idk if the kraton drives like my erevo 2.0
  15. JayP.

    Outcast Castle 1520 1650kv gearing

    Does anyone run the 1650kv castle motor on 6s? I was planning on going to this motor with the mamba monster x esc, and keeping it on 6s. I mostly wanted to do this because it's capable of 8s, so I know it won't have any overheating issues on 6s. But I'm not really sure what gearing would be...
  16. arrma only fans

    SOLD / FOUND Arrma Kraton 4s

    This is an Arrma Kraton 4s, it has little run time on it, it is very clean. this car has a few upgrades, rpm front a-arms. If you are interested in this plz pm @eatyourveggies This is my cousin, just helping him list it. I will start at $250 plus shipping. They're sold out almost everywhere...
  17. Proline PowerStroke Outcast 4s

    Proline PowerStroke Outcast 4s

    Review and Testing of Proline PowerStroke shocks with most firm (red) springs.
  18. VonJarga

    Outcast Roll Bar mod

    I just wanted to share my super easy mod to the roll bar for the Outcast 4s that gives it some beef, a little extra protection, and some scale realism! M4 hex screws
  19. pendulum_rc

    Outcast Outcast 4S throttle limit speed?

    Hi all, totally new here and have a question about the latest model Outcast 4S. I wanted to get my 5 year old son a Granite Voltage and maybe an Outcast 4S for myself. I know that inevitably my son will want to drive the Outcast, so I’d really need to turn the throttle way down. This would...
  20. VonJarga

    Bigfoot body on an Outcast 4s

    Direct fit! I couldn’t find anything online about the fitment of this body on the OC4s so decided to roll the dice.