1. JayP.

    Outcast Castle 1520 1650kv gearing

    Does anyone run the 1650kv castle motor on 6s? I was planning on going to this motor with the mamba monster x esc, and keeping it on 6s. I mostly wanted to do this because it's capable of 8s, so I know it won't have any overheating issues on 6s. But I'm not really sure what gearing would be...
  2. arrma only fans

    For Sale Arrma Kraton 4s

    This is an Arrma Kraton 4s, it has little run time on it, it is very clean. this car has a few upgrades, rpm front a-arms. If you are interested in this plz pm @eatyourveggies This is my cousin, just helping him list it. I will start at $400 including shipping. They're sold out almost...
  3. Proline PowerStroke Outcast 4s

    Proline PowerStroke Outcast 4s

    Review and Testing of Proline PowerStroke shocks with most firm (red) springs.
  4. VonJarga

    Outcast Roll Bar mod

    I just wanted to share my super easy mod to the roll bar for the Outcast 4s that gives it some beef, a little extra protection, and some scale realism! M4 hex screws
  5. pendulum_rc

    Outcast Outcast 4S throttle limit speed?

    Hi all, totally new here and have a question about the latest model Outcast 4S. I wanted to get my 5 year old son a Granite Voltage and maybe an Outcast 4S for myself. I know that inevitably my son will want to drive the Outcast, so I’d really need to turn the throttle way down. This would...
  6. VonJarga

    Bigfoot body on an Outcast 4s

    Direct fit! I couldn’t find anything online about the fitment of this body on the OC4s so decided to roll the dice.
  7. Čefi

    Outcast Which one should I buy?

    Hello, I'm 11 and I am really interested about buying Outcast 4S. I am thinking about Kraton 4S, Kraton 6S EXB, Traxxas Hoss and Maxx too. I know that Kraton 6S EXB is probably the best but it's very expensive. If I will buy Outcast or Kraton 4S I'm gonna buy all the upgrades that Kevin Talbot...
  8. sr925713

    Outcast Different Outcast 6s body shell options

    Hey guys, I cant find an up to date source on options for outcast 6s compatible bodies. I am aware you can make a lot of different ones work, and i don't like the stock body look. Does anyone have recommendations for cheapish (hopefully below $40) body replacements that look a little more...
  9. Dscracing1320

    Outcast Project "All IN" Gets a New Look

    Decided to throw on a new body and tires on the mojavified swbbeast. I love being able to change up the body and wheel setup and basically have multiple rigs in one. Again project "All IN" brings me a smile to my face. Such a beast. I also have a set of UDR Hyrax tires I'll be mounting up soon...
  10. Pageracing

    For Sale Hot Racing center diff cover, GDS aluminum center diff mount, Hot Racing center diff spools, Tbone roll cage and front bumper/skid

    EDIT: HR center cover is SOLD. Still have motor mount and front diff mount. Stock motor mount with a gds center mount and a hot racing center diff cover for sale. All used in good shape. $12 take gds aluminum front diff mount. Tbone body roll cage and front bumper/skid. Good shape. (roll...
  11. Saturday session

    Saturday session

    Driving around with my Outcast6S and Mojave EXB
  12. Lride Chart

    Outcast SNOW Bashing Arrma Outcast w/M2C

    Got another awesome run out in the snow.
  13. Ugly Betty

    Infraction Finally done Infraction truck

    It took me time to get in the right ratio diff spur, but now its flying, infraction MT check
  14. 20210124_164957.jpg


    Mojavified beast
  15. 20210124_165024.jpg


    Mojavified beast
  16. 20210122_164702.jpg


    M2C and Vitavon = Bulletproof
  17. 20210122_190807.jpg


    M2C and Vitavon = Bulletproof
  18. arrmaFan901

    Outcast 8s gearing

    So I recently got a firma 780kv I plan on putting in my outcast 8s what would be the best gearing for bashing running stock esc for now but plan on getting a max5 for it then putting the 1250kv and 160a esc in my Mojave tia
  19. Represent..!!


  20. I'm watching you..!!

    I'm watching you..!!