1. $200 dent

    $200 dent

    Scratch and Dent 8s Outcast EXB box that knocked 200 dollars off the price.
  2. Lride Chart

    For Sale ARRMA Kraton, Fireteam, Outcast, and a Losi Mini with motors and lots of parts.

    RC lot up for sale!!!! ARRMA Fireteam- comes with M2C chassis, M2C chassis braces, EXB shock towers, EXB steering, Vitavon Diff case brand new, M2C Ackerman plate, and already installed 1450kv motor with a 20 tooth pinion, also has stock motor included with some extra plastic arms and assorted...
  3. A

    Advice-After sales Maintenance cost Xmaxx vs Outcast 8s v2

    Hi members Happy New year Need everyone's suggestion and advice I am planning to buy either Xmaxx or Outcast EXB v2 8s or if Kraton 8s v2 is better than the other 2 mentioned RC cars? I need to know which will make less trouble and will have less maintenance or damage cost. Ultimately I am...
  4. digiwai

    Outcast Change my springs Gpm on my outcast 8s

    Gpm springs looks nice😎
  5. Frumba57

    Outcast Bashing O4S v2 box stock

    I thought box stock was no fun until my buddy pulled his K6S straight out the box and shredded the park. So I figured I try bone stock O4S and see how long I can resist the need to tinker. I gave it a good run today. I must report I’m happy with this RC…for now. Lol
  6. J

    Outcast Availability 4S Kraton/Outcast

    Hello, I am interested in the 4S models like the Outcast and the Kraton. Still not decided which one it will be but when I see the availability (at least here in Europe), I am really confused. The local dealer told me that he does not know when these models will be available again. Don't even...
  7. digiwai

    Outcast Jus finished my outcast 8s

    Still Need to test the big one Waiting for my 6s battery
  8. CustomArrmaBuilds

    Outcast XXL build (Black/Gold/Carbon)

    This is an Outcast EXB V5 on a Mojave platform. The only thing that is stock are the arms, knuckles, and steering rods/ends.
  9. A

    Outcast Outcast 4s v2 throttle issue

    Bought an outcast 4s v2 a week and a half ago. This last weekend and today I've noticed if I tap the throttle it'll continue to accelerate the car longer than I'm on the trigger. Throttle seems to be inconsistent in how much power it's giving(either backflip on a slight tap or just go normal...
  10. J

    Outcast Outcast 8s - 10s EXB Build Help

    Would this be a set of pinions to mess around with for a Outcast Exb (Max5 800kv motor 10s)?
  11. ARRMA Outcast 8S - Winter Bash 2023

    ARRMA Outcast 8S - Winter Bash 2023

  12. Trey Wood

    Outcast Arrma Outcast 8s EXB with JConcepts Magma’s

    Not sure if anyone else has tried this wheel and tire combo yet, I know people have been sort of turned off by the sheer weight of them. But if you’re a basher and want a good grass tire that bites I don’t think there’s anything like it. Depending on what gearing/power system you’re running you...
  13. A

    Outcast Outcast 6s Exb vs Xmaxx

    Hi all Planning to purchase either Outcast 6s Exb or Xmaxx 8s. I would like it to be fun,durable and do stunts and flips without much upgrade and mostly while stock. I want it to be Xmaxx but heard Xmaxx couldn't flip with stock setup. So should I get outcast or should I go with...
  14. ajegidi

    Outcast New to me outcast 8s

    Just picked up an outcast 8s for a great deal. Things a monster, any issues with storing them as pictured? Doesn’t seem like anything is taking more stress this way, anyone have any experience with this method?
  15. Frumba57

    Outcast HELP! My O8S is 36lbs!

    I bought this O8S from LHS. Super fun to drive, but had to have more cow bell. Started with upgrading power to XLX2/2028 1100kv Castle. Then Badlands on all 4 corners. Swapped out the chassis for EXB and for sure fire poundage a steel brace plate under the chassis. With 10000 MaH HV batteries...
  16. A

    Outcast Outcast 1/5 Scale EXB Build

    Saw some budget oriented builds and have been using it to plan my build, so far I have a list compiled to hopefully get it ready to slap some batteries in and rip. Here’s what I have so far: Hobbywing Max 5 with their 800kv motor M2C Bell Crank kit once it’s back in stock Primal Raminator Servo...
  17. Frumba57

    Outcast RPM A-Arms big flex

    Just took my O8S for an epic jump. Cleared the first time. Then when it was time to record…20ft tumble. RPM arm shows extreme flex on impact. But remains in tact to drive another day.💯 Dogbone is fried. 😂
  18. Z

    Outcast/Kraton (Max5 G2 combo)

    *see edit/updated info at the bottom of this post PSA - It’s been very difficult finding information on people trying to run the new hobbywing Max5 gen2 combo. The new cans are slightly longer than the previous generation (I believe all 3 options, 1100, 800, and 650kv, are all about 119mm...
  19. Jevge

    Outcast Getting a new Outcast 4S V2, what are the recommended upgrades?

    After owning a Rival MT10, Maxx v2, TLR 8ight, Kraton EXB, Kronos XTR, taking a 1,5 year break from the hobby and realizing that I don't have the space to run 1/8ths, I decided to give it another go with an Outcast 4S V2. Intended use is general backyard and open field bashing on grass, with...
  20. L

    Outcast Servo turning wheels during backflip

    Hi all! Does anyone know why my Outcast is turning wheels left or right when doing backflip? Is it the AVC kicking in? I have the dial turned all the way down. Should I rebind turning it off completely? Video: Thanks!