1. Snakey76

    Vorteks Chassis’s mix and match’s

    So was wondering with all these different models in the Arrma family it got me thinking about what models share the same chassis with the Vorteks? As known this knowledge could open up all sorts of modifications and make some nice hybrids.
  2. H

    Does Ear plugged center diff contribute to rear diff fail? (Outcast)

    Current setup on my outcast is max5/800kv with 37/39 gearing, I always run it on punch level 3 and I have already ear plugged my center diff out of the box. Previously on stock setup, there is no issue with it everything runs smooth. Recently I broke both rear CVD pins (m2c driveshaft) and...
  3. C

    Big Rock Arrma 1/10 Big Rock 3s V3 with Outcast 4s tires.

    Would I be able to fit the Arrma 1/10 Outcast 4s tires on my Arrma 1/10 Big Rock 3s?
  4. R

    Kraton Thoughts on outcast v Kraton and or notorious?Drawbacks on stunt trucks?

    I can't resist horizons $70 off with a gift card purchase of $500. I'm stuck between these three. Currently have a big rock. Looking to bash and jump mostly. Wondering if theres considerable drawbacks of going with the hyper stunt trucks? Upside of going 6s, already have two 3s batteries...
  5. djrahbee

    Are sway bars necessary on bashers, If so what do they do?

    I've done a little search but didn't see much. I saw in one thread that speed runners and drag cars don't need them but what about bashers like Kraton and Outcast? I read somewhere else that you could remove the front sway bar on the Outcast 4s V2 to help with steering which I did and noticed a...
  6. PaulLiu

    Outcast Outcast EXB randomly turn left or right

    Hi guys, I recently got an Outcast, first thing I did is upgrade the servo to a OMG 65KG one, after I run it for some time, I find sometime the car turns left or right on its own without any steering input on or off throttle and sometimes it doesn't go back to center after a turn, this happens...
  7. PapaLegba

    Kraton Outcast vs Kraton vs Talion

    Hello, My son and I have a Sledge, which we bash around, do jumps off our ramp and race against our hopped up Rustler 4x4. I want to get another 6S vehicle, am ready to go ARRMA and am comparing these three models. I love the tricks that the Outcast is capable of, but can do some pretty good...
  8. sinofallsinners

    Outcast Hey guys! I joined here to get some feedback. I’m looking for a motor upgrade, but using the stock 150a for the time being.

    I got an Outcast 6s EXB rtr on sale from Horizon for 460$ I love the truck, it quickly became my favorite RC. Well, I’m already feeling that the 2050kv is underpowered. For now, I’d like to stick with the 150a ESC, I’ll upgrade it in a few months. Anyone here tried the Holmes Puller Pro 4274...
  9. MrWednesday

    Steering slop Outcast 8s EXB

    FEEL FREE TO POINT OUT WHERE IM WASTING MY MONEY… At first, I attributed the sloppy steering to a weak servo and was advised to get a servo closer to 50kg, so naturally I upgraded to a 65kg servo, but there’s still a lot of unacceptable slop ao I thought maybe if I up the voltage to 7.4 (Max 5...
  10. zizi8862

    Outcast Outcast 4s v2 drivr shaft for v1

    Not sure if its been asked but does the new out drive work for the v1. Also a few parts I'm looking at replacing on my v1 with the v2 is the new metal diff. Anyone tried and any other rec for changing
  11. Outcast 8S EXB - Summer Bashing pt. 2

    Outcast 8S EXB - Summer Bashing pt. 2

  12. MrWednesday

    Outcast Outcast 8s fan/cooling MacGyver solution

    My super cooling battery powered air duster, with additional power bank strapped in with right side battery. Mega cooling power at 60000pa… $30 on Amazon.ca link below 6000Pa Vacuum Duster for Home and Car Cleaning Gel(Black) https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B08BJ67ZM6
  13. Bash Bros TV Episode#1

    Bash Bros TV Episode#1

    Arrma outcast and kraton 6s Bashing hard!! #arrma #bashing #outcast #kraton #rctruck #kraton6s #outcast6s #BashBros!!
  14. RickRussell_CA

    Outcast Outcast 4S V2 servo upgrade notes + Kimbrough Heavy Servo Saver

    Hey folks, a summary of my new servo & servo saver installation on Outcast 4S V2. Notes for those who might like to try it themselves. Should apply just fine to Kraton 4S V2, or even the 3S vehicles. Equipment: * ProModeler servo: https://www.promodeler.com/DS630BLHV * Kimbrough servo saver...
  15. BashingBrian

    Outcast Steering query

    So, my Outcast has less steering left vs the right, the turning circle is huge whilst turning left..!! Although when on the bench my wheels turn equal distance left and right, all the endpoints are set and it's all centered correctly, recently fitted the Vitavon servo saver hoping to cure my...
  16. djrahbee

    Outcast Brand New Outcast 4s V2 Plastic Input Gear?! Supposed to be steel.

    New to rc hobby. Got the new outcast with updated parts. Thing is...they put a plastic input gear in the rear diff. Not good enough to bash yet so all I've done is just play around in the back yard in scalped grass/dirt. Ran in at 75% throttle for 14 minutes. Switched to 100% throttle and...
  17. JMJR07

    Kraton Kraton 6s won't turn to full right lock

    I have a Kraton 6s V5 RTR. It is fully stock as far as the electronics are concerned, aside from a DX3 transmitter and receiver that I bought from Jenny's RC out of an Outcast 6s EXB. It still has the stock ESC, motor and servo. The issue I'm having is that the steering will not turn to full...
  18. RickRussell_CA

    Kraton Great first look video at the V2 Kraton 4S and Outcast 4S from Amain

    They beat the livin crap out of both trucks, for science or something. Both came through with minor, easily repaired injuries. And some great jump & crash footage.
  19. synic

    Outcast Ordered my 1/5 Outcast Roller and motor, what pinion?

    I just ordered a 1/5 Outcast. I also ordered a Mamba Monster X along with a 1260kv motor. I was wondering what size pinion I should get for it.
  20. Arrma Outcast bashing

    Arrma Outcast bashing

    Just out for a rip at the local dirt track.