1. catspajamas

    Outcast new outcast4s owner themal problem

    hi everyone So i just got my first Arrma RC A outcast 4s Here is how my first run went . I went out with 2 fully charged and balanced 2s lipos 5000mah 60c I was running the truck on a huge asphalt parking lot back n forth getting use to it.. I went for about 3-4 minutes having a great...
  2. Arrma Hybrid

    Arrma Hybrid

    6s charged and ready to break something
  3. moldy bong

    Outcast how do you clean your RC's?

    So I did a quick search and didn't pull anything up in the forum. So instead of asking how to clean my dirty outcast I'll instead ask how you clean your Rc's. I have seen multiple ways on YouTube and in my Google search. I normally just throw it in the bathtub and spray away. But that was with...
  4. moldy bong

    Outcast new outcast 6s owner

    Hi guys. Just got my first armma rc last week and i have been loving it. I did make the mistake of getting 2x 2s lipo instead of the full power 6s beast. I already want more power. I do have a concern about my current set up. It isn't pulling wheelies as often as I want. I have my punch...
  5. WoodiE

    Kraton RPM Front & Rear A-arms for the Arrma 4s Outcast & Kraton

    Attention to all the ARRMA 4s Kraton and Outcast owners, RPM has just released FRONT & REAR A-Arms for you! The new RPM Arrma 4s A-Arms are designed to not only increase strength and durability but also improves on the stock Arrma 4s A-Arms by removing the slop found in the stock arms. As well...
  6. Outcast 4s

    Outcast 4s

    That jump when you realise you have got backflips nailed.
  7. S

    Outcast Outcast 6s 12 tooth pinion. Hot centre diff

    Hi all, I'm back on my stock 12t pinion for the Outcast on 6s. Went for a 5 min play in the park and when finished noticed the centre diff cog was super hot. Should this be the case. Was a lot of wheelies and front wheel spinning in the air. My cogs seem to have a tiny bit of play between them...
  8. S

    Outcast Outcast 6s insane power curve

    Hi All, I was playing with my setting on the ESC. I reset the throttle calibration on the ESC. With the new 2019 version the transmitter allows for 50% 75% & 100%. When i put it in 50 I had no reverse. I re calibrated the Throttle in 50% and it seems OK but this thing is still absolutely crazy...
  9. GabeRealD

    Outcast Kraton and Outcast tossing in Toronto

    Hope you guys enjoy!
  10. J

    Outcast/Kraton 4s BLX slipper clutch build-up/tuning

    Hey guys, new R/C'er here with a new Outcast 4s blx... I've only ran one pack and broke a a-arm so out of business until I get a replacement. In the meantime, I took the slipper clutch out and didn't super pay attention when disassembling it. Not 100% sure how to put it back together and could...
  11. Knust

    Outcast Lipo's getting hot

    Anyone have issues with lipo's getting hot? I run 4s in my Outcast turned into a Kraton. 2 5200 50c batteries. They get around 140-145 at the end of a bash. I run a 16t pinion, motor is around 140, and esc is around 130.
  12. waspmoose

    Outcast Hobbywing Max8 SCT

    After a long warranty battle with Hobby wing, they finally sent me a new esc to replace my Max10SCT. Instead of sending out the right one they upgraded me! I know have a brand new Max8SCT. SO now I need to either get a new engine or I was thinking about throwing this in my Outcast 4s with that...
  13. BashingBrian

    Tower to Tower that is the question..??

    This is for all the owners of Arrma's fitted with the new brace.. So, I'm asking this question to you all in an attempt to figure out if the new brace on V4's etc is a good or bad thing..🤔 I noticed on some youtube bashers vids, here's looking at you @Rich Duperbash, @RC DUDE81 they are...
  14. Atom #28

    Outcast OUTCAST 4S- Horizon Hobby AMAZING customer service

    I have owned my Outcast 4s for about a month. In that time, I was able to drive it a total of about 20 minutes. Then an A-arm broke after a rather lame crash into a ditch. I called Horizon and was on the phone with a live person in a few minutes. They took my info, I sent them a video of the...
  15. jim84

    Kraton Thinking about getting an Outcast or Kraton 4s

    looking to get my second arrama i hace a 3s granite looking at the outcast or kraton
  16. bicketybam

    Outcast Hobbystar 4082 Motor in Outcast/Notorious

    What are your thoughts about running the Hobbystar 4082 size motor in a Notorious? I have the 4092 1730Kv in my Kraton and it's awesome. Unfortunately RC Juice is out of stock but I saw the smaller 4082, which might be an easier fit in the shorter wheelbase chassis. It comes in 1600Kv or 2000Kv...
  17. 20190330_000909.jpg


    Fresh skin for the Noto in disguise
  18. 20190330_233325.jpg


    Fresh skin for the Noto in disguise
  19. 20190330_233336.jpg


    Fresh skin for the Noto in disguise
  20. 20190330_233400.jpg


    Fresh skin for the Noto in disguise