1. synic

    Outcast Ordered my 1/5 Outcast Roller and motor, what pinion?

    I just ordered a 1/5 Outcast. I also ordered a Mamba Monster X along with a 1260kv motor. I was wondering what size pinion I should get for it.
  2. Arrma Outcast bashing

    Arrma Outcast bashing

    Just out for a rip at the local dirt track.
  3. Snaxx

    For Sale Kraton 8S/ Outcast 8S suspension arms and misc parts

    These are NOT all full set of arms, please read carefully for what is available, (free shipping to only lower 48 states): FRONT-UPPER (full set): ARA330561 ($12 shipped) FRONT-LOWER (right side only): ARA330589 ($12 shipped) REAR-LOWER (right side only): ARA330590 ($12 shipped) SIDE GUARD SET...
  4. S

    Outcast Outcast Gen One Update Help Request

    Have a gen one outcast that has been setting for some time. Using it again and there are a bunch of updates made. One I need help with is the red bar down the middle. What parts are needed for the conversion. Have bar and mounts but cannot figure where the mounts go in the gen one. Looks like a...
  5. JDarby05

    For Sale Arrma 6s EXB w/ $3.5k invested into it. Priced to sell (6 charges ran)

    Arrma Kraton 6s EXB w/ tons of upgrades Pictures are right after my last bash(haven’t had time to clean it yet) Also included pictures of when I bought it and started building it. And parts and upgrades etc. (more picture w/ request) Over $3.5k invested into this setup (I’ll add a comment...
  6. ARRMA Outcast 8S EXB - From Winter to Spring

    ARRMA Outcast 8S EXB - From Winter to Spring

    We found out experimentally that there is no better model for winter ;) Therefore, we continue to find out what an Outcast can do that others cannot, only without snow :D
  7. M

    Outcast problems

    Went to use my outcast 8s day after it ran just fine, now I have forward and steering and no reverse, and a yellow light on my xlx2 ecs, anyone able to help me out on what's wrong?
  8. G

    Outcast Slower with bigger 5687 motor than stock

    Hi fellas, I have been running an Outcast 8s with 25t pinion/47spur with stock Spektrum 1250kv motor for a year and it screams (Zee 60c 4s packs). With Duratrax belted Bandito road tires, it has great speed and torque. In pursuit of more performance, I swapped the motor out for a Spektrum 5687...
  9. HoodieBoy

    Outcast Electronics upgrades

    So I was thinking of replacing my Outcast 6S EXB electronics with better ones. I was searching for cheaper options so these aren't the best of the best, but they are still good for the price. Does anyone have a better suggestion? These are my favourites: ESC & motor combo: Hobbywing Max8 & 4274...
  10. a quick look at the Outcast 6s with a couple of "hop ups"

    a quick look at the Outcast 6s with a couple of "hop ups"

  11. lautri

    Outcast Broken steering link on Outcast EXB, replace with stock or something else?

    Broken link, replace with stock or are there better alternatives?
  12. 20220331_023315~2.jpg


    Outcast glamor shot 🤣
  13. Gaugler

    Outcast Outcast 6S EXB 1/10ified

    Having always wanted a 1/10 EXB line to exist and after seeing a few of these "Siren" builds I tried to make my own as simple as possible, swapping in different body posts, the Outcast 4S body and Backflip LP wheels this Outcast is now close to the dimensions of a Kraton 4S, same wheelbase just...
  14. BedfordRCFan

    Please help me choose the right electronics.

    Hi all. I'll be getting myself an Outcast 8S EXB next month, so im speccing the electronics at the moment. Going with a Hobbywings combo but am I better with Max5/800KV or Max6/1100KV? I'm unlikely to be sending it off of skatepark jumps but I will be jumping it at BMX tracks and I want it to be...
  15. Sidp

    Outcast Best battery for Outcast EXB RTR

    Hi all, Just received my Outcast EXB RTR today. I need some guidance on the best battery setup. Do I go with 1 battery 6S or 2 battery of 3S each? Do I go for higher C rating? Do I go for higher capacity i. e. More weight? Or lighter capacity? What type of battery should I get, Hard case...
  16. jayda1

    Arrma Stretch Drag

    What’s the best drag gearing for 8s Typhon? For faster take and get down the track?
  17. New Outcast body to my Arrma Kraton Exb

    New Outcast body to my Arrma Kraton Exb

    one more to my Kraton Exb MMX
  18. M2C-RACING chassis and more upgrades to my Kraton Exb MMX 8s

    M2C-RACING chassis and more upgrades to my Kraton Exb MMX 8s

  19. Yazman

    Outcast Hello! 👋 I have an Outcast 6s and am loving it.

    Hey all. Long story short, I had a Traxxas Nicd back in the day, sold it long ago, now have kids and got the bug again! In the past week, my mid-life crisis has led me to buy: 1/18 ECX Rustler 4wd 1/10 ECX Stadium Truck 2wd 1/8 Outcast 6s 4wd By far I am enjoying the Outcast the most! I got it...
  20. Arrma Kraton Exb with a custom painted body, badlands, MMX 8s

    Arrma Kraton Exb with a custom painted body, badlands, MMX 8s

    brand new Arrma Kraton Exb with MMX 8s, custom painted body, pro-line Badlands MX38 belted, savox 2290sg