1. Tskluzak

    Notorious Solved my Noto/Outcast Body post issues.

    I kept losing or stripping my Body post on my notorious so here is a easy tip to keep that from happening. Zip tie them the shock towers and problem solved. Lol.
  2. Lbizzle

    Hobbywing Xerun XR8 Plus Brushless ESC/G2 Motor Combo (2250kV) PROBLEM HELP!!

    The problem is when I hit a jump it dies... like no power to the motor at all so I can’t correct it mid flight. It lands and wreck most of the time now. So I experimented and it does the same thing if you just drop the car on it wheels from 4 feet of the ground but you can still steer it just...
  3. RC Meeting at local BMX track 17-02-2019

    RC Meeting at local BMX track 17-02-2019

    A video of an RC Meeting on a local BMX track on the 17th of february 2019 Including some backflips, frontflips and fails ;)
  4. leo248

    Talion motor upgrade. Turnigy motors

    I would like some opinions/advice from anyone who has changed the motor to a lower kv in an arrma 1/8. I currently have a turnigy xk4074 2000 kv motor. Running 17/50 gearing on 4S it's right up to the limit in terms of temperature at about 65-75c (149-167f) on 4S but on 6S it goes above 90c...
  5. Homemade Outcast (Purple Power) doing her thang!

    Homemade Outcast (Purple Power) doing her thang!

  6. Primarrma

    Kraton Kraton Farm Bash Video

    Visited my mates farm last weekend, I brought the Kraton for some bashing. I broke the shock rod end on the way down at a skate park, managed to repair it with cable ties and this is some of the action that I caught on my old go pro, the video is edited on my phone as well so sorry it's not...
  7. Gt rubicon

    Unbreakable body

    Hey all, just received my unbreakable notorious body from Russia, was wondering what those of you that have one used to cut it out, tips or tricks would be appreciated. I’m thinking about using a Dremel tool with the cut off wheel then sanding? Thanks in advance for your ideas or advice.
  8. Slicktmi

    Outcast Wing mounts

    So I've read there is great benefit to less broken wing mounts running the wing mount and wheelie bar alone without the actual wing is there any truth to it? And also would that put more stress on the shock tower or body itself? Let me know your guys thoughts and personal experience with this
  9. dwblue00

    Outcast New lipo required

    My 4s lihv gens ace lipo I think is on its way out. So im looking at SMC batteries. Debating on going 4s again or going 6s and tuning down the esc a little. Let me know what ya think. Looking to purchase asap.
  10. 20190131_233326.jpg


    This will be less weight version. Stock wheel approx 350g. Full chains 460g. With electric cable approx 417g. Not finished yet. Should look cool on talion.
  11. 20190131_214113.jpg


    Little overkill chains 😂
  12. 2018-1216-OutcastJump02.gif


  13. 2018-1216-OutcastJump01.gif


  14. MountainHiker

    Not a build.

    Just keeping it going is proving to be time consuming. I don't mind doing maintenance/repairs, but my local hobby store has also proven to be unreliable. Have waited 10 days for a stock shock shaft and the piece that connects it to the a arm, they said it would be here next day. I've just been...
  15. 20190110_192427.jpg


    Fittment try. Looking good. This shroud is for kraton and talion. But seems to fit outcast too.
  16. 20190110_172326.jpg


    Time for more clean ride.
  17. T

    Outcast ARRMA Kraton or outcast??

    Ready to buy a Kraton but want to get some quick differences between the outcast and Kraton? Also how are both better than erevo?? Thanks.
  18. 20181224_160746.jpg


    Mud guards doing good job even in snow.
  19. 20181224_160216.jpg


    Merry Xmas!
  20. Gt rubicon

    An A-Arm question for Outcast

    Hi all, I’ve been thinking about getting rpm a arms for our rigs. The stock arms are really loose. For those of you with rpm a arms, do you need to shim them like the stock arms? Thanks