Mega Fury body on sale ($16.63)

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I got a similar for the Vorteks and painted immediately!

Waiting this out, it started at $19 dollars and now down to $16, must have the best deal possible!
probably would fit but is wider than the senton (idk how it would look)
bigsquidrc shows specs and you could look up the vehicle demensions

Scale: 1/10th
Length: 22″
Width: 7.67″

Scale: 1/10th
Length: 21.3″
Width: 11.6″
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Fury is a bit wider than senton?
Gotta be careful on some of the body curves and angles.
I tried to put a Traxxas Rustler truck body on the Vorteks and placed the holes directly on top of each other.
Long story shortened, because of the curve on the Rustler body, it would not fit flat where the pins go, and extensions were not an option either, because of the slope of the hood.
Lesson learned for me is, don't just look down when mod'ing a body, also check profiles.
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