1. R

    Granite New Granite 4x4 Motor or Servo?

    So I've had this Granite Mega 550 less than 2 weeks and already broke something. I've reached out to Amain, but just wanted to understand what this could be. It sounds like metal grinding, so I'm not sure if it's the motor, the servo, or something else. It sounds like servo's are common...
  2. A

    Senton Boost shock upgrade

    Hi. I need replacement shocks for my Senton Boost. I have upgraded to the 4x4 and have put a brushless motor in it and it now mostly gets run at 3s or 2s. So looking for something durable. Will the proline shocks fit the boost model? Will the Arrma metal shocks fit? If so what springs and...
  3. cancelthefuture

    Granite Discontinues continued Electric Boogaloo

    So apparently not only are the v2 4s models discontinued, now Senton 3s, Granite 3s, Granite Mega, Granite Boost, Vorteks Boost, Vorteks 3s, Infraction Mega, and Fireteam are all discontinued as well. I figured Fireteam was coming when the super sale happened, but the 3s and Mega discontinues...
  4. c911darkwolf

    Granite Durable Engine Conversion for Granite 4x4 Mega

    I know there have been several post about converting a Granite 4x4 Mega to Brushless, but what I had in mind was a little different then what I was finding. I'm not looking for performance here, but durability/longevity under a 2s Lipo use. Backstory all 3 of my kids have Arrma Granite 4x4...
  5. B

    Fury Replaced Mega ESC, how to connect to Tactic controller?

    Mega ESC was acting up. Replaced with new one. How do I connect it to the Tactic TTX300 controller?
  6. paledrifter87

    Senton Senton throttle not working except when puched

    Arrma senton mega throttle not working unless I push the car. Servo works fine.
  7. bigbody300

    Granite Granite MEGA 4x4 Brushless - faster PINION gear?

    hi guys new to the forum (i have a talion 6s EXB, and my son has the Granite 4x4 MEGA (brushless upgrade). my question is there a faster PINION gear that can be used on the stock SPUR gear? i am on 2s lipo.
  8. Jsky87

    Granite Granite mega/mst mx1 tire hex sizes?

    I have a granite mega v3 that I've converted to brushless and blew out a rear tire (after alot of abuse, donuts and pavement driving/ I only run it on 2s) .But they are still pretty soft tires so I'd rather try something different. I seen a few people on here recommended mst mx1 tires so I...
  9. chilliwacko

    Typhon New Typhon Mega - ESC constantly beeps under throttle

    Hey all, I just unboxed a new Typhon MEGA 550 and plugged in a fully charged NiMh battery. Whenever I give forward or reverse throttle, the ESC constantly beeps. I uploaded a video here, hopefully the link works: Is this normal? It...
  10. kbizzle89

    Typhon Arrma Typhon Mega Need Upgrades

    So guys, if you seen my last post about my motor burning up and life story on New to Arrma. I ended up replacing my stocked brushed with The Spektrum Firma 4000kv BL and ESC. Some of my bearings were seized that i rejuvenated with PB blaster and some marine greased packed in, good there. I will...
  11. J

    Senton Senton 550 Overheating w/ Max10 esc and 3600kv motor combo and Savox SW1211SG servo

    The Max10 ESC is the only thing that’s overheating. I’m running this combo with 16t pinion 57t spur gear. after about 10 minutes runtime. This happens when I use a 2s 5200mah and 3s 3300mah. I think that my steering is off and the esc is trying hard to compensate for it while trying to power the...
  12. MZA-4x4

    Typhon Typhon Mega Shock Recommendations Please!!

    I bend a front shock, and now I'm looking to replace/upgrade my shocks (at least the bent one for now/front shocks). I understand that I can probably repair it, but I want to just repace it and then work on repairing that one to keep as a backup when I have time (I'm pretty busy). I have...
  13. MZA-4x4

    Typhon Typhon Mega v3 throttle/steering issues (newbie)

    Hello All, I just recently bought my 2 sons each a Typhon Mega v3 ($205 from Amazon during XMAX time). I will eventually get into upgrading some stuff (and will no doubt have question to post on here), but right now we're having an issue and I was hoping that some of you on here might be able...
  14. J

    Senton What servo savers are compatible with the SW-1211SG?

    Need help finding the right servo saver for the SW-1211SG which is 25T spline. I bought the Kimbrough large small end servo saver which fits perfectly but it seems like it doesn’t work well with the steering link on the Senton Mega 550 so I tried going for a metal 25T servo horn. First, the HR...
  15. Arrma Typhon

    Arrma Typhon

    My Typhon Mega V3 converted to a 3S BLX.
  16. Knightfall

    Typhon Are the A-Arms on a Typhon V3 Mega the same size as Typhon 3S BLX?

    I bought a Typhon Mega V3 with the intent of using it as a kit to build it up into a 3S. Due to availability and pricing in Canada, I learned it was more feasible to buy a whole 3S RC and swap parts around. Plus the RC that ended up with the brushed setup can be used by my kids. So I chose a Big...
  17. mopudding

    Raider No throttle, no ESC beep upon power on

    Hey everyone, I have a stock 1/10 Raider Mega brushed buggy. Was working fine one day, then the next it is dead. I can steer, but no throttle (forward or reverse); also ESC has no lights and no beep upon turn ON. It ran slow for a bit before it completely died. Is this the ESC or the motor...
  18. Draven

    SOLD / FOUND Spektrum SLT3 Transmitter + SLR300 Receiver + 3300mah NiMh, Charger, ESC, Motor

    Came from my V3 Arrma Granite 4x4 MEGA Granite. Works great, changing out parts for more speed. Ran about 4-5 times, not ran in water. $32 shipped CONUS (lower 48 states only). No PO boxes. Paypal or Zelle. Spektrum SLT3 transmitter/controller Spektrum SLR300 receiver...
  19. C

    Senton Senton Mega 3S Upgrade Diff

    Hi All, I have been slowly upgrading my Senton Mega to 3S, mostly just using standard parts from the 3S model to try and maintain consistency. I've upgraded the following: Motor/Esc 57T spur/slipper BLX motor mount 20T pinion I've run into an issue where the car is borderline uncontrollable...
  20. Prisma

    Granite Replacement ESC

    Alright so, about a month ago, my Granite Mega ESC burst into flames after a month of use. I've been advised by many other forum members to try to get warranty on it. I did and they said they would fix it, but a month later, they refused to do anything about it. So now I'm back on square one...