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I got my Arrma Kraton this spring and haven't stopped driving it. I've put in the GKA servo mount, a castle creation MMX ESC, and a Savox SW1210SG servo. I have a t-bone front bumper coming for it also.

I'm currently working on trimming and painting a Proline desert militia body for it (will update with more pictures soon). Also working on getting some different tires for it, will update with pictures when it's completed.

For now, the attached pictures are how it stands now.


Thanks guys! So I've been busy this weekend adapting some new tires to fit and I finally got them on this afternoon!
My brother gave me a set of 4 proline bowtie 1151 tires that have a 24mm hex (originally thought they were 23mm)
Here is the list of parts I used;
HPI 102530, 24mm hex
AR310451 Senton CVD hubs
AR310431 Senton rear hubs
5mm hex screws
First step, remove Kraton hubs and stub axles.
Next, cut approximately 3/8" off the end of each stub axle so it doesn't stick out past the hub adaptor.
Then cut the screws so they don't bottom out on the hub pins before they tighten down fully.
Now, install pin through axle, slide on hub adaptor, and put screw in with RED loctite (VERY IMPORTANT)
Then install wheel onto hub and tighten down.
Let loctite set and go bashing!
A little update on my Kraton... the wheel mod above didn't work for me, so I ditched it and went with trencher x tires instead. So that problem is solved onto the weak spring issues...
My lhs is really into Losi and not so much Arrma... so I bought a pack of TLR truggy springs and lower spring cups (springs narrow at the bottom)
I sanded out the inner bore of the cup to fit over the shock end and installed the springs onto the truck. What a difference proper springs make! Way better traction and cornering!
I used the softest springs in the rear, and the middle firmness on the front, 60 weight oil up front, 50 weight on the rear.
Went for a good bash last night, had one of my front tires come unglued, blew out my first front inner hub bearing and the rear diff pinion front bearing blew out and took the crown and pinion with it.
Replaced all my wheel bearings, and the diff pinion bearing. Built a new rear diff, glued up my tires and she's back up and running for another bash session today!
I sent in all my old V1 Arrma electronics and got all new V2 electronics. I love Arrma warranty!
The new motor and ESC have far more power than the old V1 system did. And it runs so cool where I run that I can put in the 14t pinion gear while keeping temps in check!

Sadly my desert militia body has started to crack and give up after countless nasty landings and abuse. So I'm looking into getting a new body for spring next year as it's starting to get colder here. I'm thinking I want to get a truck body similar to the new outcast!
I had some time to catch up on maintenance this weekend. I externally shimmed my Kraton diffs, and I packed all my wheel bearings with grease. I do this because of winter coming up to make them more water resistant.


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I've been catching up on my Kraton maintenance lately. My rear a arms had excessive play forward and rearward. I replaced both of the aluminum suspension hangers and pins. In the picture you can see the elongated outer holes.

And now I have a full set of avid bearings on order.
It's going to be like driving a brand new truck come spring!


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Had a busy weekend building some jumps! Made it there perfect size to fit in the trunk of my car.

I tried uploading a video but it's too large. I'll try put it on my YouTube account and post a link.


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