My scx24 deadbolt has taken over!

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St louis area
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Thought I'd make a place to show and discuss my scx24 deadbolt and what its got going on.
The thing has kinda taken over my rc time as I havnt really ran anything else for a while (besides the big rock a couple times).
The current list of modifications-
Furitek Scythe chassis
Hot racing +4mm axle shafts
Treal 43mm double barrel shocks
Injora steering linkage
Emax servo w/injora aluminum horn
Injora deep dish steel wheels
Injora 62/22mm tires currently.
Bent stock links for high clearance
Stock battery tray modded for an esc/radio tray

I've got some new 58/20 tires going on there. I've also got new high clearance links and a new motor coming On the slow boat.

I'll add some pics after while- i need to get some decent current ones.

Great little rig! I subbed this topic to keep up with your upgrades!
I just ordered some soft 54mm tires for mine, hope those will look better on the car.

What motor are you going for?

Nice! I'm going with a 66t 050 motor. I've spent enough without trying to go brushless for a few minutes! There's a ton of different "flavors" but I figure they're pretty well all the same. Mofo rc, ccxrx, injora- they all sell em.

I'm watching your build as well 🙂
I usually widen a few MM before I resort to trimming, but sometimes you have to trim a bit.

It's so close im seriously going to see if I can't throw a washer between the wheel and hex for the difference. *crossing fingers*
I don't want to cut unless absolutely necessary! I don't really wanna go any wider then necessary either cause that starts causing its own issues lol
Nothing better then when new parts show up! Like a mini Christmas everytime. These links are c10 fronts & deadbolt rears. If your not aware the c10 links will extend my front out 10mm over stock getting the front tires out in front of everything so they hit first on obstacles

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Got these in! You can see the longer shaft I had to go to for the front to make up the 10mm longer links








BTW I didn't even notice till looking back at these pics that I had a rear shock body come loose! Doh! Truck is super capable even without added brass! Ive got to figure out a new front body mount now.. the servo is hitting the setup im using now limiting up travel some. The front of the body needs to sit lower anyway...






Discovered a source of binding when the front was flexing hard. I didn't realize it but it was limiting some flex.
Shaved the ears down on the mount where the lower link attaches and the front end is much better when fully flexing out. NOW there is no binding 😁😂
If I had a 5th tire to sit it on it would do it! Ive only got 4 though..... The tire can pass the hood now. Luckily it just clears the fender🤣



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I'm certain at this point this truck will pretty well stay as it is for a good while unless something breaks. Pretty happy with it.
I can't imagine what it'd be like if I actually added brass. Its such a light rig and does awesome as it is.
Sorry to bump an old thread, but is it common to run no springs on the shocks?
Some people do some don't, it's a matter of preference. Many different ways to run them, upside down, lighter or heavier springs no springs, I've played around with them and some rigs I run one way and some another.
Sorry to bump an old thread, but is it common to run no springs on the shocks?