need tough rc body!

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Hey guys just wondering if any of you know of any good rc bodies? I totally thrashed the stock one with ease, finished off and old tamiya body that was half beat up and now my freshly made 66 ford proline body is cracked as well after 2-3 runs :confused: I need something that can handle the beating I give to the rest of the truck.... any help would be appreciated.

Here's a few pics of the issues on the new body btw. Not sure how well it shows the pic but just behind the cab it's ripped on both sides. Same thing happened to my stock body.


Hey guys just wondering if any of you know of any good rc bodies?
I'm a fan of Proline Racing bodies and the Traxxas Stampede and the Arrma Granite are pretty much the same size so the bodies are pretty interchangeable.

Two of my favorite Proline bodies that would fit the Granite is the Chevy 2500 HD body and the Ford Raptor body.
I wonder if they would be more durable? They have more of a straight line to them versus the sweet curves of the 66. I'm a little leary on buying another proline vecause of how quickly I wrecked the 66. Only 2 maybe 3 batteries with gentle bashing. No crazy ramps or wild stuff at all. Just small at most 5-8.ft jumps... does anyone else make rc bodies? I know my old tamiya body took a crazy beating before I broke it.
What a pity! :(
That body looked awesome.

Was it a lexan or thick plastic body from Tamiya?
Yea I was definitely dissapointed too.
I think it was lexan but thicker then proline.


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I've heard of a lot of people using Shoe Goo and fiberglass tape to reinforce a body BEFORE it gets beat up. Perhaps you can find a body you like and make it better vs trying to find a better body.
Oddly enough I bought some shoe go recently! I'll have to check out this fiberglass tape you speak of. I definitely love the look of the body but just want it to stay in one piece. I suppose you'd paint it and the strengthen it after. Then peel the outer layer.
That Tamiya is indeed a Lexan body.
But also the shape is better for surviving impact.

I had an Axial crawler with an old pick-up truck style body. It showed the same cracks as yours (crawlers can drop over 3ft down from obstacles;))
Yea that tamiya took a crazy beating! I couldn't see the truck but figured it was in a good position so I kept driving and end up getting g wedged under a car doing about 40 kmph.... :confused: that was kinda the begging of the end of that body unfortunately :(

Thanks for the link! Very informative! Lucky for me as well my body is still salvageable I'm thinking. I know what I'm doing this weekend lol
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