ok to use 8.4v with stock servo?

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Arrma RC's
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HI there, i'm back into RC's and loving this truggy. I'm using a hobbyking 120A ESC and i'm wondering if i can program it to put 8.4v to the BEC instead of 6v...i find my steering is a little labored at times.

Not sure which Arrma vehicle your referenceing,but the Kraton servo can run on 7.4, 8.4 would be for high voltage type servos.
ah ok, so i can't use the 8.4v setting.... i'll stick with 6v. I have a mamba monster on warranty replacement that can be set at 7.5v so when that gets here it should help things out.

thanks for your help.
Your servo's 15kg is at the 7.4 setting,alot less on 6v so you will be happeir with the mamba.
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