Big Rock Opinions about perfect pass chip?

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I previously bought a perfect pass adjustable throttle chip for my Big Rock V3 but now I really don't think it's needed being I can do the same adjustment through the ESC with the punch level. What's everyone's opinion about the perfect pass and is something I should keep because I'm thinking about returning it but if it's an upgrade that is an asset to my Big Rock than I'll keep it but if others agree with me that it's not needed I'll return to buy something else for my truck. Thanks everyone and Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄
With speed running, ESC Punch setting is always dropped all the way down anyway. This is a given! The very first ESC setting to address. But it's not any substitute for PP at all.
The PP Throttle limiter merely times your throttle Sweep, so you can avoid amp cutting, until you reach 100% power and sustain that for Top speed Passes.
If you are using any decent upgrade radio, hopefully one with very Long Range, a prerequisite, the Throttle Exponential radio setting is also your friend. Learn that well also. Thr. Expo really helps. And Some rely on it , with a very good throttle finger with positive results , not needing PP at all.
PP just makes it way easier to not over throttle with your trigger finger. It is a great accessory. Takes time to dial it in. But works great. Need much patience with Speed running. But the rewards are worth it.
I would look to the many Raz Shifrin videos in regards to his PP Thr. Limiter, if unsure.
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