Outcast Outcast in stock at Tower

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You're a day late! They were back in stock yesterday. :)

I'd call and confirm your order is gtg. I missed the email to call and confirm my order yesterday...delayed shipping on my order a day. I'm guessing there's a lot of credit card fraud for online hobby stores. Surprise surprise!
Saw it early am this morning / late last nite.

Ordered a week ago. My acct has this on the electronic invoice. Hope I am gtg. Will be on look out for email. Thanks

Order Now Being Picked and Packed in Warehouse
Please allow a minimum of two business days for your order to ship (our shipping companies do not accept shipments on Saturday or Sunday)
I'm waiting til spring has sprung. I really want one but I can't see spending the money when it's going to be parked for months. I was so close to pulling the trigger today.

Plus...Who knows what ARRMA has up their sleeve in the next couple months.
Lucky me I live in the only state without snow. I'm only limited by my ability being less than a year in.. Also stable hasn't had time to fill up. I also look forward to what Arrma has in store. Thanks for input

I hope everyone else got this joyous message from Tower. For those who did not, it will come soon.

All Merchandise Shipped
This hobbys is amazing isn't it, like crack. I promised myself I wouldn't buy another rig until I at least sell one off and there I was literally hovering over the place order button until I was sweating and just went for it lol. So it's currently shipped from tower and first arrma.
I put a Nero for sale to buy Outcast, kept one, love it. Lasted about ten minutes waiting till I threw caution to the wind and hit the buy button. Even though they were out of stock. BTW, my first Arrma was Nero first of December. Like it so much I bought another at the great sale at Tower over Christmas. Then couldn't resist the Outcast.
Yea I know, temptation is strong. It looks like the outcast will have to be an in-car inboxing and its"just a new shell" excuse lol. I'm usually good with the wife and all but just got done purchasing an upgrade kit for the xmaxx along with batts.
Oktober 2016 I bought my first real rc, a second hand Kraton V1. Two weeks later I bought a second hand Vorteks BLS for my son and today I bought an Outcast! Hihaaaa, I'm hooked big time. Love RC (although I have still a lot to learn) and I love Arrma!
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