Paddle tires

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Arrma RC's
  1. BigRock 4x4
  2. Kraton 6s
  3. Senton 3s
Looking for sets of paddle tires. One set for a 1/10 Senton and another set for a 6S Kraton. Would like them for the snow and sand. Are ProLine or Jconcepts my only options or are the Chinese brands decent that you find on Amazon etc?

Trying to find options in Canada if possible.
Proline makes 2 different 2.8 paddle tires, both unbelted. I had the proline 2.8 sand paws a while back and liked them. They are 4.5 inchestall, so a little lower ride height. Only paddles Ive owned so far, good quality.

The Proline Dumont is 5.25 inches tall with a different paddle tread and about $7 more per pair. Powerhobby makes a belted paddle tire thats 5.3 inches tall.