Panasonic Eneloop batteries

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If you guys haven't used Eneloops batteries before now is a great time to do so. Eneloops are some awesome rechargeable batteries that hold their charge by up to 70% over a ten year span. The AA batteries are 2,000mAh and provide plenty of battery life for your RC or transmitter.

Set of 4 AA eneloop batteries with charger only $16!

I've been using these along with Eneloop Pro (2,550mAh) for a while now and are my go to AA and AAA battery.

I second that. I bought 8 of the 2,000mAh AA almost 10 years ago for my digital camera, and they still work as good as they did back then. And just so you know I can still record 2 to 3 hours of video on my camera before the batteries go dead. I have now started using them in my Transmitters and am very happy.
Another like for the eneloops, been using them on mi camera for more then seven years and they are still going great. We used them also on the Wii controllers and they are great.
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