1. WoodiE

    Best RC LiPo battery connector types: Choosing and Soldering

    Battery connectors are a common subject here and we get a lot of questions like"what battery connector is the best?" or "how to solder battery a connector?" and others. Hopefully this thread can serve as a central place to find answers to many of the questions we see when it comes to picking...
  2. Gherik

    Battery voltage tester

    what tester are you guys using to check up on your batteries? i have been looking at the Tenergy 5-in-1 Battery Meter.
  3. A

    Best lipo battery for Senton 4x4

    Just got a arrma senton 4x4 and wanted to extend my run time. I have a lipo charger just wanna know a good size battery to go with so i don't fry the esc.
  4. Brewcity414

    Anyone ever heard of HRB brand batteries?

    Has anyone ever used this brand? Looking for a good battery along with run time...
  5. Jeremy in WI

    ISDT Q6 finally set up

    I wanted this to end up as a travel charger for our ridiculous amount of camping trips we do every year. I think it turned out pretty decent. I used a parts bin from work (I hope they don't miss it) and vented for the power supply. It packs up nice, and I can use it for a few batteries in...
  6. S

    My Tutorial on changing your LiPo connector to an EC5

    This is the easiest and cleanest way to solder an EC5 on your LiPo battery.
  7. paulybatz

    How to store a LiPo battery

    What type of cases do you use??? I saw one that holds a few batteries. Then thought if one went. There goes all your batteries. Also do these things spontaneously go or just during charging and use? If they're in storage voltage, is there a worry???
  8. Nucear

    Can i run 2s on a 4s truck?

    Can i run 2s on a 4s truck? (It is made to run dual 2s)
  9. Jigstick

    Will these batteries fit

    Will two SMC 11.1v 7400mAh 149amp 90c batteries fit the Kraton battery tray? I just ordered my Kraton and would like to order either two 3s batteries or one 6s battery to go with it. I think these batteries stacked on top of each other may be a few mm taller than the battery tray
  10. H

    Some questions on balance charging, store charge, discharge..

    Hello all. I received my SMC 4s 7400mah lipo yesterday and I would appreciate any advice on lipos. The charge that the battery was shipped at was 3.86, 3.85, 3.84 and 3.85. I balanced charged it on a 4 button charger. So here are my questions: 1. When fully charged each cell should be at max...
  11. T

    Decreasing Runtimes

    hello all, I recently purchased a talion with 2 5000mah Gen Ace lipo, over the last month I’ve gone from 15 min runs to now over 6 min runs, any ideas as to why this might be happening? Sorry for the noob question
  12. Paultro84

    Is my battery junk?

    I have a 4s lipo that isn't acting right. I set my charger to 5 amps, it's a 5200mah, but it will only charge at 3 amps. When I storage charge it, default setting is 1 amp and is not adjustable, it only takes .3 amps. With my 2- 3s batteries or my 2- 2s batteries it goes up to 5 amps until it's...
  13. Z

    Batteries, shocks, and charger recommendations

    What lipo s3 battery do you recommend for a armar raider? What after market shocks? And what battery charger would you recommend for around $50.00?
  14. S

    Lipo batteries

    I am new to the lipo batteries and I have a question. If I run 2 lipo batteries in series does the c-rating and mah add up? Like if I were to run 2-2s batteries that are 35c and 5000mah will all of that multiply times 2?
  15. S

    3s lipo battery suggestion?

    What is the best 3s battery to buy?
  16. glxfr

    BLX battery leads layout

    Hi Our Kraton is running really well but one problem we've had is we're burning one if not 2 cable protective coating due to the heat. I try to avoid having the cables from the batteries to touch each other but finding it difficult not too as I have to twist one. so far we were lucky that we...
  17. F

    Lipo battery swell

    Im running 2 rc king 4300 mah 3s lipos in my kraton, after 2 runs one pack started to swell in the hard case and while charging one cell reaches 4.20 volts while other 2 cells are around 4.05 volts and takes hours to fully balance. It swells about 1/8 of an inch by the end of a run and shrinks a...
  18. slfmde

    Sorry Noob Questions...

    Hi Guys I’m brand new to RC so please bare with me. I purchased a VKAR Bison V2 and few days ago and quickly learned it’s junk. In fact I haven’t even received it yet and plan on leavig it in the box as a spare. Research brought me here and I’m going to buy an OutKast. I have a few questions...
  19. Trapper

    SMC just got new packs!

    I know alot of Arrma owners love their packs. I just saw that they got some newer packs in 7400 mAh. Not advertising for them just passing on the good word. Gonna buy a few myself
  20. Aaron5

    Battery choice for Talion

    I just put a talion into layaway and being my first "big boy" RC, I asked if they carried a single 4s pack instead of 2 2s batteries. Long story short, they didnt carry 4s because not a lot of people on my area run them. But he also said that he wasnt sure if a single 4s would be to much power...