1. Uplift-RC

    Kraton What are your thoughts on the following 3 name brand lipos?

    I like to run 2 / 3 s lipos in my 6s Kraton or my 6s Notorious and i WOULD like to get some feedback would be greatly appercaited? Yowoo RoaringTop: SMC Extreme Graphene V2 PACKS:
  2. W

    Battery Consistency Question

    I have a BRCC. I have had the ESC firmware updated by HH to correct the misconfigured LVC that plagues so many BLX100s, so that is not a factor here. If I go full out, a speed run kind of pass and it goes into limp mode (when the battery is at roughly 50% let’s say) I’ve learned that this can...
  3. N

    Help Me Pick A Charger + LiPos for Kraton 6S

    Update 7/23/20 : Purchased HOTA D6+ per many of your reccomendations. I'm still looking for good Lipos and preferably on Amazon with Prime Shipping. 7/13/20 I just picked up a used Kraton 6S V4 and got one run on it before breaking the front bumper. While I'm waiting on parts, I am in need of a...
  4. Adamjr

    Granite Overheating or battery running out?

    Just picked up my first Arrma, a second hand Granite and am loving it! One thing is confusing me though, in the paper manual I got it states the ESC will flash RED if it overheats, but the online manual says it will flash GREEN on overheat? Can someone tell me which one is correct? Got some good...
  5. Eshubert

    3s vs 6s Battery Capacity

    I'm totally new to this. I have a Kraton 6s i run with a 15T pinion. I have four 3s 5000mAh 50C Spektrum batteries that work great and last about 15 min on 6s. The LVC kicks in on average cell V of 3.7-3.8V. I of course want to lengthen the time of my runs. I'm looking for bigger...
  6. E

    ISDT Q8 2/4pcs

    I recently bought an ISDT Q8 and after charging a couple of batteries I noticed that it said 2/4pcs on the screen for a second I thought it was how many batteries I had charged but I have done at least 3 so does anybody know what it means
  7. Y

    Granite Arrma Voltage Motor Mounts, and multiple Li-Po battery packs

    The title pretty much sums up my post. Hoping to find a link or something to a replacement motor mount for the Voltage and some ways to put in 2 Li-Po packs. Thanks! (First Post)
  8. Antonis

    Granite ARRMA Granite Voltage 1/10 problem

    Hello, everyone! My Arrma Granite Voltage 1/10 scale 2wd can steer, but it doesn't move. Suddenly when I press the accelerate seems it's turning off. This problem is both with old and new batteries.
  9. Arrma92

    Battery cell issues

    I just purchased another rig ( kration 8S ) With that a few new batteries.X2 Dynamite - 5000mah 4s & X2 Gens ace 7200mah 4s. Both battery sets have about 10 runs on them. I’ve always used them in matching sets. Always been stored and balanced charged. 3 days ago I had to return one of the gen...
  10. Contrakt

    Senton 6S Powerplant Battery Options

    The question is simple... With the BLX 185 ESC and the 2050KV 6S powerplant that comes standard in the 6S models, what are your options for batteries? You can definitely run a single 6S You can definitely run two 3S You can run a single 4S? CAN YOU BY CHANCE run a single 2S or maybe a single...
  11. Close Enough

    What are your opinion on HRB batteries?

    Any opinions on HRB batteries? Wasn’t sure if it’s a get what you pay for deal with them but they market to a lot of big RC names. They are quite a bit cheaper on amazon than compared to the dynamite brand.
  12. S

    Help! What am I doing?

    Hey, I have just bought a Granite 4x4 BLX for Xmas. I used to run cars a bit about 20 years ago but it was a simple case of charging and away you went! I bought the pack from ModelSport which includes a balance charger ( and a 11.1v 3S...
  13. pa_fullsend

    SOLD / FOUND 2 Lightly used hardcase 4s lipos ec5 - 125$

    I’ve got two hardcase 4s lipos I don’t use anymore and I’d like some cash for other stuff. One is a dynamite reaction 4s 5000mah 50c hardcase. It has less than 20 cycles through it. ALWAYS balanced charged, and storage charged at the end of the day. The other is a fantom pro 4s 6700mah graphene...
  14. Omerta

    looking for a second battery.

    Hi, Arrma fam. Been looking at purchasing a second battery as one 5000mah 6s is not enough any recommendations been looking at hobbyking's following batteries:
  15. Eastwolf1228

    Kraton 6S Hard case vs soft case (for Kraton v4)

    Dear Arrmy, I've just sold my Granite and (hard case 3S) and about to order the V4 Kraton and a battery. Soft pack 6S batts are considerably cheaper than hard packs. If soft packs are safe, then why are hardpacks even a thing? Should I spend the extra to get a hardpack? My likely usage...
  16. hoonigan

    Storage Charging Lipos ???

    I have read people storage charge lipos even day before they drive next day. What is this? I run self about 3-4 packs day right now. Also my Kids have start drive RC. they do the same almost. Totally we run 10-12 packs daily with different cars. I have hell charge already everything. How to...
  17. jsytaz

    How to properly treat lipos

    So I know about charging with a proper charger at the correct rate and all that, and that you should “storage charge” when not using for awhile. I have a protek rc prodigy charger which makes it easy. So my question is about charging a lipo when it’s not “dead” Say I properly charge up my 4s and...
  18. L

    Can I plug batteries with different mah in my Kraton V4?

    Hi, I have 2 Voltz 3s batteries with 3600 mah and just bought 2 Voltz 3s batteries with 5000mah. I expected to be able to fit the 2 5000mah together in my Kraton but they are too high unfortunately. Can I combine a 3600mah and a 5000mah together without damaging the batteries or the Kraton...
  19. Typhon6smax

    Typhon Any Cheap/Chinese LiPo's?

    Hi, I recently bought a Typhon 3s, which wasn't in stock anymore a few days later. I got my money back, everything is fine and i bought a 6s Typhon v3. I also ordered two 3s lipo's (ordered those in combination with the 3s Typhon). Now I want two other 3s LiPo's but I don't want to spend a lot...
  20. K

    Battery options for Kraton V4

    Hello all, seriously looking at getting into a new Arrma Kraton V4 and this will be my first E-Car (preciously all gas), just adding up some of the additional costs. Looking for recommendations on which battery or batteries everyone is using and a good charger. Not looking to go super expensive...