1. S

    Help! What am I doing?

    Hey, I have just bought a Granite 4x4 BLX for Xmas. I used to run cars a bit about 20 years ago but it was a simple case of charging and away you went! I bought the pack from ModelSport which includes a balance charger ( and a 11.1v 3S...
  2. pa_fullsend

    SOLD / FOUND 2 Lightly used hardcase 4s lipos ec5 - 125$

    I’ve got two hardcase 4s lipos I don’t use anymore and I’d like some cash for other stuff. One is a dynamite reaction 4s 5000mah 50c hardcase. It has less than 20 cycles through it. ALWAYS balanced charged, and storage charged at the end of the day. The other is a fantom pro 4s 6700mah graphene...
  3. Omerta

    looking for a second battery.

    Hi, Arrma fam. Been looking at purchasing a second battery as one 5000mah 6s is not enough any recommendations been looking at hobbyking's following batteries:
  4. Eastwolf1228

    Kraton 6S Hard case vs soft case (for Kraton v4)

    Dear Arrmy, I've just sold my Granite and (hard case 3S) and about to order the V4 Kraton and a battery. Soft pack 6S batts are considerably cheaper than hard packs. If soft packs are safe, then why are hardpacks even a thing? Should I spend the extra to get a hardpack? My likely usage...
  5. hoonigan

    Storage Charging Lipos ???

    I have read people storage charge lipos even day before they drive next day. What is this? I run self about 3-4 packs day right now. Also my Kids have start drive RC. they do the same almost. Totally we run 10-12 packs daily with different cars. I have hell charge already everything. How to...
  6. jsytaz

    How to properly treat lipos

    So I know about charging with a proper charger at the correct rate and all that, and that you should “storage charge” when not using for awhile. I have a protek rc prodigy charger which makes it easy. So my question is about charging a lipo when it’s not “dead” Say I properly charge up my 4s and...
  7. L

    Can I plug batteries with different mah in my Kraton V4?

    Hi, I have 2 Voltz 3s batteries with 3600 mah and just bought 2 Voltz 3s batteries with 5000mah. I expected to be able to fit the 2 5000mah together in my Kraton but they are too high unfortunately. Can I combine a 3600mah and a 5000mah together without damaging the batteries or the Kraton...
  8. Typhon6smax

    Typhon Any Cheap/Chinese LiPo's?

    Hi, I recently bought a Typhon 3s, which wasn't in stock anymore a few days later. I got my money back, everything is fine and i bought a 6s Typhon v3. I also ordered two 3s lipo's (ordered those in combination with the 3s Typhon). Now I want two other 3s LiPo's but I don't want to spend a lot...
  9. K

    Battery options for Kraton V4

    Hello all, seriously looking at getting into a new Arrma Kraton V4 and this will be my first E-Car (preciously all gas), just adding up some of the additional costs. Looking for recommendations on which battery or batteries everyone is using and a good charger. Not looking to go super expensive...
  10. G

    Lectron lipos

    Has anybody used lectron lipos? If so are they good, or bad? I'm new to this. Its seems like there are bad reviews about every lipo out there. I'm thinking about purchasing a lectron 6s 6500 100c lipo. I don't have money for a maxamps or I would get that.
  11. Uncle_buck

    Battery checker question

    I wanted to get a lipo battery checker and mount it and use it while I run my truck. I'll be running a 4s pack and 2 3s. While I'm running the two 3s packs would I need 2 checkers?
  12. MRoyer

    Dying battery?

    Over the last few runs I have noticed that my one battery (PowerHobby Pro 3S 5200mah 75C) may have been slightly beaten up due to the battery tray on my v2 Kraton being too small for them. Now it only seems to charge to 12.1 volts and the balance in cells is off by a bit. I've used the pack once...
  13. WoodiE

    Best RC LiPo battery connector types: Choosing and Soldering

    Battery connectors are a common subject here and we get a lot of questions like"what battery connector is the best?" or "how to solder battery a connector?" and others. Hopefully this thread can serve as a central place to find answers to many of the questions we see when it comes to picking...
  14. Gherik

    Battery voltage tester

    what tester are you guys using to check up on your batteries? i have been looking at the Tenergy 5-in-1 Battery Meter.
  15. A

    Best lipo battery for Senton 4x4

    Just got a arrma senton 4x4 and wanted to extend my run time. I have a lipo charger just wanna know a good size battery to go with so i don't fry the esc.
  16. Brewcity414

    Anyone ever heard of HRB brand batteries?

    Has anyone ever used this brand? Looking for a good battery along with run time...
  17. Jeremy in WI

    ISDT Q6 finally set up

    I wanted this to end up as a travel charger for our ridiculous amount of camping trips we do every year. I think it turned out pretty decent. I used a parts bin from work (I hope they don't miss it) and vented for the power supply. It packs up nice, and I can use it for a few batteries in...
  18. S

    My Tutorial on changing your LiPo connector to an EC5

    This is the easiest and cleanest way to solder an EC5 on your LiPo battery.
  19. paulybatz

    How to store a LiPo battery

    What type of cases do you use??? I saw one that holds a few batteries. Then thought if one went. There goes all your batteries. Also do these things spontaneously go or just during charging and use? If they're in storage voltage, is there a worry???
  20. Nucear

    Can i run 2s on a 4s truck?

    Can i run 2s on a 4s truck? (It is made to run dual 2s)