Kraton Proper way to charge battery?

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So I just bought a Venom Pro Duo 80W X2 Dual AC/DC 7A LiPo/LiHV & NiMH RC Battery Balance Charger and Vant 14.8V 7500mAh battery.

In which order should I plug all the cables? I'm thinking:

1) Plug the charger into the wall
2) Plug the charging cables into the charger
3) Plug the battery into the charging cables

I'm asking because when I first got the battery I inserted the battery into the charging cables (without connecting them to the charger) and there was a spark and I burnt the ends of the charging cables, so I don' want to wreck the charger.
You´re way is right.
And add to pint 3. first plug in the balancer cabe to you´re charger and after that the main cables.
And never leave an Lipo alone while charging in the house!

And every time check the cables or open connectors never can make an short cut.
You can brick an Lipo if you make an short cut and if you are unlucky the Lipo can starts to burn or will "puff"...
You do not really need such situation.
I have the same charger. I plug in my charging cables and Balance plugs, then plug in the charger, and then the battery to the charger. Love that charger. Can do 2 5400mAh 50C 3s batts in an hour on fast charge. I do balance them every couple charges, but I don't see aneed to do it every time.
One thing I always do is plug my charger into the power supply before I plug the power supply's 2 plugs in to the outlets. Then I hook a battery up to the charging wires and start the charge process.
Thanks for the replies guys. I had a guy solder a XT90 connector on my battery today. I have a couple more questions.

1) How many "A" should I charge the battery at? It's a 14.8 7500mah battery, so 7.5A which should equal 1C? The charger listed above only goes up to 7.0A when charging so that should be fine?

2) I set the cut off rate for the charger to 6000 mah, which is 80% of the 7500 mah battery. Does this sound about right?

3) Since you're only supposed to charge a LiPO battery to 80% and discharge it to only 20%, how many minutes (roughly) can I get out of a 7500 mah battery pack that only has about 4500 usable mah?

4) Where can I get a different balance cable? The one that came with the charger does not fit the plug on the Vant battery
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Charge the Lipo with around 1C and discharge them till max 25-35%.
Then you are on the safe side.
Concerning the balancer cables... there you can get adapter for several brand connectors xh eh and so on.
Just plug the adapter into the charger and the Lipo into the adapter.
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