Raider Raider Bashing with FPV

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Trying to conquer a dirt mound in a construction zone with wifey videoing and offering driving suggestions ;) .
The FPV comes out much cleaner with the GoPro @240fps than SJCAM @60fps.
Was shooting this the day before joining here, [should have joined sooner for tire ideas]. Picked up on using same size wheels/tires in front and back while ditching the narrow buggy wheels/tires.
The approach is trickier than it appears, there were 2 obstacles before the mound which changed the trajectory of the Raider, hence getting a line on the mound wasn't the easiest.
The FPV video demos just how much the Raider bounces around and just how little front wheel contact there is on a typical bashing run.
Fun stuff!
Which GoPro are you using and why is the YouTube showing only a 360p version of the video?
The GoPro is a Hero 3+ Black, video resolution on WVGA, FPS on 240 [only choice of FPS on the WVGA resolution].
Editing in GoPro software. IDK what's happening to the FPS when the software converts to the AVI's for the trim and edit in Step 2. It was exported at Step 3 in YouTube format, which may have distorted and changed many of the original GoPro video settings. Also, the GoPro 240 FPS video is being combined with my "clearance rack" [$120 close out special, it's a goofy blue color, but hey, who cares, it was cheap and video quality is okay, lol] Sony handheld for the 3rd person video.
I went through a GoPro tutorial on about 8 months ago, taught by Richard Harrington of B&H Photo. I like Richard's tutorials, the guy makes things easy for hacks like me to understand. Need to review the lesson, too much water under the bridge over last 8 months.
Does that make sense?
Any shooting or editing advice is openly solicited and welcome!
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