Notorious Rear clicking sound


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After doing some jumps yesterday I noticed a slight clicking sound coming from the back, I know it’s the back because I took out the dog one that goes from the center diff to the rear diff, running on only front wheel drive and there was no sound. And I tried the opposite on just rear wheel drive and there was a clicking sound. Very slight. You only have to watch about 20 second of the video to hear it. Sounds like i can hear it the most when I’m coasting. Note that everything still runs fine. Anyone know what it could be. If you know what it is could you hit reply and respond that way cause I’m notified, lol I’m picky.
Link to clicking sound here
Have you shimmed the rear diff properly?
In think it is(THINK)lol, I got it used about a month ago and had no problems sense with the rear, I have one shim on the crown side it’s the shim that comes stock, idk if stock is .10 or .20
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