September 2023 Rig of the Month (RotM) Contest

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How does it work?
  1. From the 11th to 25th of this month you can submit the best photo you have of your Arrma RC to this contest.
  2. Starting on the 25th of this month, photo submissions will no longer be accepted.
  3. Voting will be done in the form of "reactions" or "likes". Click the "like" button in the lower right of each image to cast your vote (you can vote for as many photos as you'd like, and you can also change your votes as well).
    If you can't see the "like" button it's because you have less than 25 forum posts. You need at least 25 forum posts to "like" things, and this is done to keep down on spam.
  4. Once voting begins immediately and will continue until the last day of the month. You can see who has the most votes by checking out the "photo contest" block at the top of the page. The photos will have a "reaction counter" in the bottom corner of each photo, which will tell you who is in the lead.
  5. Voting will end on the very last day of the month, at which point the winner will be announced.

Please submit photos only
Submissions are to be photos only. Please don't use, this thread for conversation and chatter. If you post a response here that is anything other than your submission, it will be deleted.

Chit chat and join the discussion
Please leave comments, questions, and banter in the Rig of the Month Discussion thread.

What do I get if I win?
Each Rig of the Month winner will receive the following:
  • $50 Amazon gift card!
  • Members Rig of the Month photo shared on the forum and ArrmaForum Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • "Rig of the Month" badge.
Please read the below rules BEFORE entering the contest.

Submission Rules
  1. Only one photo submission per member.

  2. Please choose the best photo you have. Blurry photos, low resolution photos, and photos with poor lighting are not likely to get you many votes.

  3. If you won the Rig of the Month contest within the last year, you are not eligible to compete again for another year (12 months from the date of your last win. So if you won in September of 2021, you can't enter the contest again until September of 2022).

  4. In order to compete in this contest you must have 25 posts!
    This is to reduce the amount of people who are joining the forum with no other intention than competing in this contest and then never being seen again. If you do not have 25 posts, you will not be able to submit your photo in this contest. Once you have 25 posts, you will see the option to post a reply to this thread, at which point you can enter the contest. The only exception to this rule is Premium Members who can bypass this rule with no posts.

  5. Do not submit photos taken using portrait mode (up and down). These photos are unusable for the Rig of the Month, and it's simply bad practice to begin with. The photos should be submitted in landscape (wider than taller) mode. If you submit a photo in portrait mode, it will be deleted it and it will not be included in the contest.

  6. Photoshop is only allowed when it's done to clean-up the photo. Do not use Photoshop to put your Arrma RC in a place it never really was (a scenic backdrop for instance), or put things in the photo that were never there to begin with.

  7. Do not use Instagram style photo filters, it's tacky and unrefined. Leave that to the teens and tweens that use Instagram please.

  8. No pandering for votes. This means asking in the public forum or even in conversations to get members to vote for your photo. The only exception would be if you share the contest in social media - keep in mind brand new members won't be able to vote until 25 posts.

What is landscape vs Portrait mode?

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