Steering servo shot

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Well I suppose it was only a matter of time before the steering servo died, and die it did.

I submitted the RMA warranty claim form and received an email back in under 48 hours that they were shipping me out a replacement servo. Not that I want to use it. I mean, if the first one died in 8 months why would I set myself up for a semi-annual servo shuffle?

Obviously there's some shredding going on in this Arrma AS-1 servo!



So I bought a Savox SW-0230MG, which also included a glitch buster capacitor.


I have two concerns.

First is that the Savox is a little taller than the Arrma servo.


As you can see, the mount points on the Savox are lower on the body of the servo, thus pushing the spline even further ahead of where it already is thanks to the taller body!


Second is that I'm out of connections on the Arrma ARX300 receiver. It's a 3 CH receiver; Steering and ESC take up 2 channels. The ESC fan takes up CH 3. All that's left is BATT. If I connect the glitch buster to that channel, will it work?

In addition to all that, This is what it takes to get to the damn servo!


Which is why I want to do this right the first time. It was a 25 minute job just to disassemble the entire front end of the truck and access the servo. When I got into the servo box I discovered that one of the shafts in the steering bell crank was sheered.



Another warranty claim is now in the works. ;)

Has anyone submitted a warranty replacement claim on the steering servo? If so, did you receive an AS-1 servo or something better? The reason I ask is that the AS-1 servo is listed as discontinued.

Has anyone fitted a Savox servo into their Fury? If so, how did you accommodate the height difference?

I think I might have to go with an Arrma ADS-7M servo just to ensure that it fits correctly. :/
Good luck with your warranty, I would imagine that they are going to replace it with one of the new servos. Hope you get the ADS-7M with the metal gears

You may need to get something like these in order to mount the Savox servo to the skid plate.


You may need to get something like these in order to mount the Savox servo to the skid plate.

It looks like those would push the servo even further forward which is the opposite direction of what I need.
The replacement servo for the AS-1 that stripped it's gears arrived.


It's still a plastic gear affair, which is what I expected. This is the servo currently shipping in the Fury Mega. I'm likely just going to order up an ADS-7 because I really want metal gears in this truck. I'll snap a pic of this servo next to the Savox to see if there's any height difference.
The warranty replacement steering bell crank parts AR340079 arrived tonight.


I thought it might be a good idea before I order up the Arrma/Durango ADS-7 servo to compare the height of the servos to each other:


As you can see, the new spec ADS-5 servo is the exact same height as the Savox so it would make no sense to order an ADS-7. I've decided to try and fit the Savox as originally planned. I'll let you guys know how that works out once it's done.
It turns out that the parts bag is missing some bits. :(


Going to email customer service again...

Those missing parts aren't missing Arrma sells those parts separately part # AR340004. More then likely it's a typo on the manual, just like the top shaft gear for the tranny Arrma has it listed as something else.
Those missing parts aren't missing Arrma sells those parts separately part # AR340004. More then likely it's a typo on the manual, just like the top shaft gear for the tranny Arrma has it listed as something else.

Got an email from Arrma CSR first thing this morning. As you noted, the metal steering posts and servo saver srping are in fact part of a different parts bag (AR340004) which unfortunately is on temporary backorder. :( As soon as Arrma gets the parts my Fury should be back up and running.

I wonder if I can find them in stock somewhere?
Tower and eBay are also out of stock...
So some parts arrived in the mail last night. Due to the lower mounting point resulting in a slight height difference on the Savox servo, I ordered up an ADS-7M v2 servo, and to make the shipping worthwhile I also ordered another set of alloy wheel hexes intended to be used on the front (my rears are already upgraded to alloy) and I got the aluminum front tower brace.


I put the ADS-7M side-by-side to the ADS-5 I was sent as warranty replacement and they are an exact match. It provides all specs you might want except for speed. :( Here are the official specs on the box:


Let's just say if I NEVER have to take this servo box apart again it'll be too soon! What a horrendous and overly complex design this thing is.
I didn't take any pictures of the reassembly process. It was night so the light was non-existant. I tried to get tricky and use the rubber grommets in the servo mounting holes but guess what? That pushed the servo too far forward in the servo box and the servo arm bound up when turning left. I am 100% confident that the Savox servo would also be too far forward once mounted up. I had to redisassemble it and remove the grommets. This is the correct assembly:


See how tight the clearance for the servo arm is?


Here is the installed shock tower brace. I didn't think it would do much but with the Tower discount coupon it was essentially free. I must say though, the top of the shock towers were pushed in a bit, and had some flex to them prior to installation of this brace bar. I don't know if I'll notice an improvement in handling on the track or not. I suppose time will tell.

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Oops, I forgot to mention that the alloy hexes didn't fit over the front axle. The axle stub is a step up affair, becoming a larger diameter near the hub. The bore in the hex is too small to fit over the larger part of the stub. I wonder if there is a different alloy hex for the front?

It looks like you may have put that in wrong.

This is what happens where there are no installation instructions included with a hop-up item. Thanks for the heads up AJ!
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