Sweet spot

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Arrma RC's
  1. Kraton 6s
  2. Typhon 6s
what is people's opinion on the sweet spot?
Like 4s with optional pinion. Or 6s stock pinion.
Just worried about tearing up the diffs

Lots of people don't run 6s
I'm still running only 6s and 16 pinion, no real temp or major gear failures yet. Did lose a tooth on rear 43t crown gear and found wear on planetary gears, now replaced. But that was after lots of very hard bashes with WOT and big jumps...Etc and I hadn't changed rear fluid or shimmed the diffs yet. To me the sweet spot is too subjective to what one wants/how you like to bash. I would run at least the 16 pinion on 4s maybe bigger and just check temps. The bigger gears have much more surface contact and are easier to mesh correctly, and afford you more speed if you want it. You won't fry your electronics so long as you check them when gearing up. May take some tinkering and experimenting to find your sweet spot though.
Im planning to run 6s out the box, but I won't beat it so hard that the diff will blow, I think it just depends how much power the driver puts to the throttle/ the car, of course the diffs will blow if you are constantly hitting standing backflips and what not, so I don't think you should be too afraid. I am aware that 6s in general will probably put more stress on the gears

4s would keep you on the safe side, and the diffs wont go out as quickly as on 6s
6s out of box as well. Tune the punch and it is the sweet spot.

Also packed center diff with 200k
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