1. Deceased

    LC Racing pinion for typhon grom.

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone have used LC Racing pinion gear I plan on getting a castle micro X2 for my typhon grom and the shaft is 3.175 shaft/bore. I have also seen hot racing have the same pinion, but they don’t go as high as in pinion as LC Racing does. Which would you pick? TIA :)
  2. Deceased

    Pinion gear recommendations?

    Hello everyone! I recently I been noticing that my pionion gear seem to ware off very fast I would run it for like 4ish hours 3(2s) and 2(3s) in my local hobby town. Is there a recommended material to look for on the pinion gear? Or is something else the problem they look like shark teeth. I...
  3. Camreno

    Big Rock I think I need a Pinion Gear Upgrade

    So today for about 5 minutes with some light bashing on the new Badland MX38 Belted tires this happened... I have a hard time believing that slightly bigger/heavier tires would do this under moderate load and only a few minutes but I'm too new to know for sure. My guess is I didn't have it...
  4. Deceased

    Spur gear and Pinion gear on granite

    hello everyone! I need y'all guys HELP so I have a HR spur gear and it seems to be wore out and I was wondering if I need to replace it or it still got a lil bit more till it breaks. For the pinion gear unfortunate I have some bad bits that stripped the screw to the pinion gear is there a way to...
  5. J

    Outcast Outcast 8s - 10s EXB Build Help

    Would this be a set of pinions to mess around with for a Outcast Exb (Max5 800kv motor 10s)?
  6. F

    Kraton How to remove the pinion from the drive in the gear box?

    Trying to separate the pinion from a damaged front gear box. I removed the grub screw but can't get it budge, am I missing something? I looked at YouTube but can't find anything clear enough showing the process.
  7. djdjdjshsh

    Will 32t pinion work on 73t spur gear both metal

    I got a 25t pinion and 32t pinion gear and than a 73t spur gear I haven’t put in either yet but I don’t even know if the 32t will work does anyone know?
  8. ChriswithaC

    Vorteks Pinion size and specs .

    Hey guys , Loads of questions for you all lol , new platform for me arrma so making sure I get it all right . Ok so my 3650 3900kv brushless motor and ESC should be here in a few days and just purchased this pinion . Right question one Is 48dp correct pitch ???? Question two before I buy more...
  9. kyoto

    Pinion gear sliding away from spur

    Currently having problems with the pinion gear sliding down the motor shaft. The grub screw is using red thread locker and is tighten fully and isnt even getting undone. Yet the pinion is still slowly sliding. Any ways to prevent it? Is it because there’s no flat side on my pinion? (I am using a...
  10. 6sKratonV1

    Mojave Largest pinion to fit in stock Mojave exb motor mount?

    So I ordered a Mojave exb and I have the mamba monster x 8s system with the 1717 1650kv motor coming for it. The included pinion is way to small so I ordered a 21 and 23 tooth (The way I calculated it a 20 tooth would get me slightly faster speeds than the stock rtr). What I was wondering is...
  11. sideshowgaz

    Big Rock Stock pinion gear size differences?

    Hi all What is the standard size pinion on the BRCC? I know what you are thinking, take the motor out and take a look. My brother and I both got Big Rocks at the same time from the same supplier and after months of trying to figure out why mine had more torque than his, we finally noticed...
  12. 5

    Mojave Issue(s) with 50T spur gear and 16T pinion

    Hey all - been bashing my Mojave with great success for quite a while. A bit ago, I was bashing, and then hear a bad "grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" and saw some bits hit the road. I think what happened was the e-clip fell off the pinion gear and or the grub screw backed out, as the...
  13. chadanthony1

    Limitless Arrma limitless pinion problem

    I purchased an arrma limitless and put it together. I was wondering why the factory 27t pinion and 34t spool do not come close to meshing. Motor mount is as close as it will go towards the spool. I even purchased a 30t pinion to see if the size difference would help and it still doesn’t mesh. Am...
  14. H

    Talion Broken stock pinion?

    The pinion on my Talion moves off center and pulls out of place. Do I need a new one or is something missing?
  15. KAITvsk Racing

    How to choose brushless motor pinion?

    Hello! How to choose brushless motor pinion? RC Car spec: 1/8 Buggy 4WD Motor: 2200KV Spurr: 46T
  16. S

    Kraton Question - Does a pinion gear come with the Kraton EXB 1/8?

    Hi All, I'm new to the hobby and decided to build my own Kraton EXB 1/8 After watching the reviews and unboxing of the product I see there is a pinion gear that I'm supposed to attach to the motor. However, I have opened two supposedly new Kraton EXB 1/8 and found no pinion gear inside. I'm...
  17. saltyrc

    800KV Motor Pinions always coming loose!

    Heyo guys I’m in a bit of a dilemma here. Me and my dad both run 800kv Castle 2028 motors and no matter how much red loctite we put on our set screws they will always come loose. Is there any company that makes pinions with grub screws that are bigger than 2.0mm? Thank you for your time.
  18. SamVorst

    Typhon Typhon 3s slow down after around a hundred meters

    Hi all, So I was racing today on a large parking spot with my 26T installed in my Arrma typhon 3s. Each time I go around a hundred meters the car slows down to a much lower speed, I still could drive it back. but it was acting like the battery was low.. This was not the case, the battery was...
  19. sadmancho

    Felony gearing with Castle 1717 1650KV?

    I want to put in the Castle 1717 1650KV motor and esc in my Arrma Felony and run it on 8s. I am looking to do high speed runs (90 mph+) along with drifting. What gearing should I go with that won’t overheat my system?
  20. Prisma

    Granite Pinion Question

    So I just installed my max 10 Sct system in my Granite and the pinion doesn't fit the 5mm shaft. Problem is: I can't find a 48DP 5mm pinion gear. Where should I look? Any advice greatly appreciated