1. Jimmyjam

    Need help converting blx 100 system to the granite voltage

    Do i need to buy a new pinion gear for the bigger shaft on the motor or just drill it out?
  2. Supasteve

    Wanting to reach top speed on pavement with stock motor and esc

    A have a factory v3 kraton that i wanna drag race i have changed to smallest road rim/tires that will fit and added biggest pinion i can fit next i am thinking of locking center diff and going down to 43 tooth main diff gear but haven't done
  3. Vitostatus

    Changing gearbox?

    So I've been doing everything I can to keep my granite and senton 4x4's running. I have a problem finding spurs that fit the gear box. Have the axial 60t steel spur it's been good just chewing pinions. I want to find a good setup and nothing else has worked if I could find a motor mount that is...
  4. ThatDrewGuy

    Getting Irritated at pinion

    So took the motor out of my brand spanking new Kraton to swap the pinion. I wil NOT come off. I have tried heating it, soaking in solvent, prying it, Even tapping the motor shaft from the top while the pinion is in a vice. I have now tore up the top of the motor, and still no closer to getting...
  5. Swift518

    Is this pinion noise normal?

    I recently broke the stock pinion and replaced it with a Robinson 12T mod1 pinion from the LHS. Ive read these pinions sound different but Im wondering if this sounds normal? The spur gear is centered on the pinion and I believe the mesh is proper. Im not having any heat issues, it just seems to...
  6. M

    pinion questions

    i put in the 16 t pinion for Arrma Outcast and it goes way faster but sometimes when i smash trigger at slow speed it sounds and feels like it skips a gear and just cogs out and doesn't move. is my mesh not good or is it a side effect from higher gearing?
  7. H

    Need to find pinion gear for senton

    does anyone know where I can find a 27 tooth pinion gear for my senton?
  8. M

    So here's a weird one for you...

    So I bought my Big Rock used.... a couple months ago, and had run it a handful of times. I always felt like the drive train was really noisy, but had no other big Arrma to measure against. As time went by, it got more and more noisy, so I decided to tear it apart tonight and investigate...
  9. S

    Highest quality pinions?

    Hi all, I noticed crappy pinions lead to the fast destruction of spur gears. So, I just picked up a tekno rc pinion gear that was a decent price, looks pretty nice.... Robinson racing pinion gears surprisingly aren't good, they are super soft! I bought one of these...
  10. H

    22T Pinion

    Hey guys I just purchased a authentic Armma 22T pinion fear for my Typhon. Can I install this with the stock 50t spur? I have the stock motor and esc. Jon-
  11. Mr.Duke

    Outcast 12 tooth pinion speed

    I have a tekno 15 tooth pinion due in tomorrow so I figured I'd go out today and see how much speed I could squeeze out of the stock 12 tooth pinion. 2018 Version Outcast Deleted wing and lowered ride height to where the lower a-arms were parallel with the tarmac Best pass of the session was...
  12. Marcus terry

    13 runs in. Loving it, time for diff. maintenance?

    This thing is a total beast though after you initially break a few parts to get used to it like wow the throttle adjust on the controller is perfect for letting your friends drive it .ran the thing thru a foot of water accidentally and its perfectly fine engine stays cool .I just realligned my...
  13. N

    Outcast pinion issues, help please

    Hi guys, Third run on my outcast today and it's first on 6s. Was very happy until the pinion gear grub screw came loose and the gear slid towards the end of the motor shaft. I assume the motor shaft flat does not extend all the way to the end, to stop the gear flying off in such situations...
  14. Lbizzle

    Can’t turn over motor by hand

    I was changing my pinion gear when I noticed that I have a hard spot when turning over my motor by hand. The car was running fine when I started working on it. I was checking gear mesh and notice the motor was real hard to turn over it will turn over by gets to a tight spot u can get it to keep...
  15. F

    BLX Pinion size?

    Which pinion gear are you guys using with your stock esc/motor combo? I am still using the stock pinion gear that was installed out of box, but I would like to get some more speed. Thanks guys!
  16. H

    What is the best pinion?

    v3 kraton with backflip tires what pinion size is everyone running without overheating?
  17. engineerangelo

    What does 0.8 Mod pinion/spur gear mean

    Hello Guys, I just wanted to ask about the gearing that is seen at the speed card of the Granite Mega truck. I know the 48dp already which is the pitch size. But I could not seem to find what 0.8 Mod means. Thanks in advance.
  18. ASenton

    Bashing pinion size

    Hi guys with sentons and typhons what size pinions are you guys running on 6s. Im running across medium to fairly large open parks looking for some decent speed and runtime. I have the hobbywing max combo with 2200kv and running 6s 65c batteries and proline badlands thanks
  19. norcopunk

    How bad are 1/8 Arrma Pinions?

    I hear a lot of stories about people busting pinions and/or shredding spur gears on the 1/8 line up due to pinion failure.. Should I be upgrading pinions immediately on a brand new truck to prevent more damage later on?
  20. tigerljj1

    Greased pinion!!

    So per my other post, decided to grease spur gear only (not pinion). Used coffee wooden stick (worked perfect), Q-tip, and Phil Wood waterproof grease. Cracked stick in half and left me with sharp edge to easily get in between teeth. Applied very carefully not to glob it in. After entire...