Talion Talion Alternate Body/Wheels

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Rob Austin

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Middle River, MD
Arrma RC's
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Wanted something different for my Talion, I fitted it with Proline Big Joe tires, and body from HPI Savage. The body mounts are from Proline the adjustable ones used for Slash. Not sure what color this will be painted. Look as the size difference next to my Slash 4x4. Saw a video on You Tube with almost the same set up and turned the wing bracket into a wheelie bar.
I like the fact that you changed the body and wheels. You take it bashing yet on the wheels
I have bashed with the Big Joes had issues with the body rubbing when turning sharp. The wheels need to be taped I run on 4s and still able to get them to balloon, 6s is too insane I hit someone on a bike while
running on a school parking lot and let's just say they were ok after getting off the ground. I have two bike ramps that I jump with and lands pretty good unless I have the nose too high and it hits wing first (glad its removed)
I ran into a lady i. A parking lot trying to break. Lucky i wasnt going that fast. But she looked pissed when i backed up and drove off. She was okay but looked confussed because she didnt see me at first
The new wheels
can wait to get talion hubs and alxes to move wheels in and not look so wide.
Thanks, the body is from HPI Savage XL. I used Proline extended body mounts that were made for Traxxas Slash. I removed the Talion rear wing and put a wheel from the Losi mini LST to use it as a wheelie bar. The wheel had to be drilled with a slightly larger hole to fit. Cutting out the rear of the body for that to fit was all the body needed or it would have to be raised too high over the chassis. The Slash that the mounts where originally ended up being converted for street use with a 1972 Chevy C10 body. PART95143353365624795IMG95201505199514544393495HDR.jpg PART_1433533624122_IMG_20150519_145428408_HDR.jpg
like the paint job man! just wondering what body did is that? and does it perfectly right off the bat or did you do some mods to it. im in the market for a new body and was looking around for some suggestions l.
mbx7t or mbx6t bodies is what I used and no mods just make your own body post holes and that's it
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