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  1. Primarrma

    Battery Tray Upgrade, anyone found a more reliable solution?

    I keep destroying the little screw tabs on my battery trays, anyone found an aftermarket solution that can survive large launches? HR seem to make one, but has anyone had any experiences with them? Thank you.
  2. 6675.jpg


  3. 20190519_212616.jpg


    New Terrain Crushers. Work good on pavement/concrete, terrible in grass and dirt /
  4. BLX Matt

    Kraton Pays to be a Traxxas man????

    Ok boys calm down chill out I’m not saying I’m a Traxxas guy ,,,,, IM ARRMA TOUGH FOR LIFE BABY!!! On a typical day I see two to three parts I would purchase for my kraton , talion, or big rock 3s now unless those parts say arrma on them I have to have a drill and two other tools to get them to...
  5. Youareabus

    Talion Racing the V2 Talion, set up sheets?

    Hi all, I'm racing a V2 Talion in e-truggy this year. It's an outdoor clay track and was looking for some set up advice in the way of diff and shock fluids as well as alignment. I'm currently running 10k/25k/7k and 42.5 front and 45 rear in the shocks. The main issue I noticed is that it...
  6. Gastrok

    Talion Tactic TR326 vs. TR325 Receiver

    Hi All, Got water in the receiver box of my Talion v3 and fried the receiver - see pics below - looks like corrosion. The stock receiver is the Tactic TR326, but it seems to be out of stock in every online store I've searched. The TR325, however, does seem to be readily available. Will the...
  7. leo248

    Talion Talion 6S. My disappointing experience

    I have owned a V3 Talion for a year now. So far it has been one of the most disappointing RC’s I have owned in 8 years of being in the hobby. I had high hopes/expectations of this car due to thorough research on forums and YouTube videos of the Arrma 6S range I was expecting a significantly...
  8. M

    Talion Track day!!

    So I went to the track, took the talion for its debut of seeing how it would do on a track! Don’t know if it was the conditions of the clay being dry or I got wrong tires that I’m tryin to run I have backflips on there now couldn’t keep in on the track and wheels down they also did a lot of...
  9. M

    Talion Common conversation

    Hello all, I’ve recently bought a arrma talion V3 and couldn’t be happier, speed durablity and all terrain is what I was looking for! Just joined here and looking to get insight on what other people thought about the cars and what are some of the mods good for the talion. Just yesterday replaced...
  10. talion back on the bench.jpg

    talion back on the bench.jpg

    Talion came back out and on the bench for rework. I have a few Voltage upgrades that need to go on and of course another wing mount. Wall holding up with pegboard because a friend gave me a bunch of old heavy gauge hangers.
  11. Primarrma

    Kraton Kraton V3 6s "Field Goal" Part 01 Kraton scores a goal, big air, long jumps, lawn darts, loads of fun!

    Part one of a two part video series where I take my Kraton to football practice, no not really, but I still score some long goals, hope you enjoy! Please feel free to give me feedback and I'm sorry about my GoPro woes(anyone that knows what caused this please help me out, I would really...
  12. Arrma Talion with Kraton Tyres Hits the Beach

    Arrma Talion with Kraton Tyres Hits the Beach

    Apologies for the poor quality video, I had accidentally set my GoPro to 4:3 ratio so I had to crop everything. The V3 Kraton Tyres a so good on sand, they f...
  13. G

    Can I put rear shocks on the front on my Talion v3?

    Hows everyone today? I have 2 questions. I have a arrma talion v3 and was wondering if I could put the rear shocks on the front? Also for my last question whe. I push my shocks on the front down they don't wanna spring back up. What would cause that?
  14. Arrma Kraton and Talion "Sand Drifters" RC Beach Bash!

    Arrma Kraton and Talion "Sand Drifters" RC Beach Bash!

    A couple of quick beach bash sessions, one in the morning only recorded on my phone, sorry. Then I went back in the evening to run the Talion with my this ti...
  15. Primarrma

    Talion Hard Bash, hard hits! Talion V3 6s Ramp Jumps

    I quick video of my Talion hitting the ramps, hope you enjoy!
  16. The 'Fleet."

    The 'Fleet."

    Funny how "I'm just gonna pick up a Stampede to play with" for my b-day last year turned into this within less than a year...
  17. Jump Practice Arrma Kraton and Talion V3 6s

    Jump Practice Arrma Kraton and Talion V3 6s

    I thought I'd so some practice with my new ramps, as you'll see, I need it. All I can say is these cars are super tough, I did some terrible landings and the...
  18. ⚡️⚡️Kraton and Talion upgrades

    ⚡️⚡️Kraton and Talion upgrades

    Complete tear down and full rebuild of my kraton she got some rpm , hot racing and gpm therapy!!!!