1. Lingerfelter6

    First major crash

    Was driving it like I stole it. Needed to see how it handles with wheels balanced and everything serviced. Crashed into a goalpost, missed the T bone bumper and the front left took full impact. Might have stripped the thread on the upper A arm. Damn goalposts. Good thing nothing broke, fixed it...
  2. Size15s

    Talion v1 advice. Should I buy or pass

    Found a great deal, v1 talion at half the price of V3. Basically new. No marks. Would you buy it? Asking is £200ish or $250 dollars
  3. 20190110_192427.jpg


    Fittment try. Looking good. This shroud is for kraton and talion. But seems to fit outcast too.
  4. Hatifnat

    BLX Does anyone have list of all talion v2 screws?

    I have found rcscrews set but they don't provide info about each unit.
  5. Sledgehog Mk II.

    Sledgehog Mk II.

  6. Capture.JPG


    I know it's going to rub off on some crashes (specially with my driving) but I had to paint the wing to match. Hopefully I can find a RIT color that matches close and I'll eventually replace it with a white one I can dye.
  7. Sledgehog Mk II

    Sledgehog Mk II

    New Jconcepts Finnisher body on talion v3.
  8. Finfan88

    Is an audible sound normal when braking?

    When I brake on the arrma talion v3 there's a whining sound. Gear mesh if fine. Seems like a sound that the speed control produces. Is this normal?
  9. Finfan88

    Got news shoes

  10. Sledgehog

    Racing specific upgrades?

    Just curious as to any track specific upgrades I may need for my new Talion in the future. It's a 2018 v3 and so far I have the Voltage aluminum front/rear chassis braces and servo mount/clamps, an SMC 4s 100C battery (class reqs are 4s) ,and some Tbone racing rear mudguards. Besides better...
  11. Ati qur

    Talion or Kraton?

    Hi I was going to buy my first arrma rc. I like bashing, wheelies, and speed. Whats the difference between talion and karma. Which one is better? Please help me asap.
  12. stuartd

    Steering Block

    I managed to crack a front steering block on my Talion today after losing a fight with a kerb that leapt into the cars path. It's driving OK for now but I'll need to get a replacement ordered. Are there preferred upgrades or am I as well just getting the standard part?
  13. stuartd

    Have a Talion. Looking at getting a Typhon or Kraton.

    I've enjoyed bashing my Talion so much that I'm looking to pick up another Arrma. I can get a new Kraton or Typhon, but not both! I'm torn a bit. I originally wanted a Kraton and went for the Talion as I wasn't able to get one at the time. However, now I have the Talion I'm thinking that it and...
  14. ttguil

    Trenchers on Talion

    Any thoughts on Pro-Line Trencher X 3.8" MT Mtd Desp 17mm F/R on my Talion. I bought these monsters by mistake. Not sure if they will even work without any modifications.
  15. stuartd

    Question about dogbone / wheel movement

    I've had my Talion for around week and there's a bit of wheel wobble. When looking at that I noticed a couple of things that weer different between the front and raer of the car. At the front I'm able to push/pull each front wheel side to side and see the dogbone and input shaft cup move...
  16. stuartd

    Arrma Talion overheating

    I've had my new Talion v3 out for a couple of runs now. Really impressed with it so far. I went to my work car park when it was mostly empty today so I'd have space to pull the trigger right back (briefly) but after about a half hour of driving / skidding it around the car cut out suddenly and...
  17. HUGO .R

    What are the dimensions of the T bone exocage ?

    Hi everibody, I just had a Arrma Talion v3 and to have more protections I would like to make an exocage. I wanted to know if you can give me the dimensions of yours and even can be a schema. Thanks so much if you can do that
  18. RCROD

    Talion in stock at Horizon with APR 0%

    If anyone is interested, Horizon Hobby has the Talion in stock and available 0% APR with Affirm until 8/16/2018. That's as low as only $42 a month for payments. https://www.horizonhobby.com/1-8-2018-talion-6s-blx-truggy-1-8-red-black-arad88rl Horizon is also offering other Arrma RC's with 0%...
  19. RxMonkey

    Malion- Something Different?

    Hello All, I had some stuff lying about. I picked up a Kraton roller and thought it was lost in the mail. I bought a Kraton and had a spare roller once it showed up. During the great parts shortage of early 2018 I got a ton of Talion parts to have some spares. I decided to use the kraton...