1. Sledgehog

    Racing specific upgrades?

    Just curious as to any track specific upgrades I may need for my new Talion in the future. It's a 2018 v3 and so far I have the Voltage aluminum front/rear chassis braces and servo mount/clamps, an SMC 4s 100C battery (class reqs are 4s) ,and some Tbone racing rear mudguards. Besides better...
  2. Ati qur

    Talion or Kraton?

    Hi I was going to buy my first arrma rc. I like bashing, wheelies, and speed. Whats the difference between talion and karma. Which one is better? Please help me asap.
  3. stuartd

    Steering Block

    I managed to crack a front steering block on my Talion today after losing a fight with a kerb that leapt into the cars path. It's driving OK for now but I'll need to get a replacement ordered. Are there preferred upgrades or am I as well just getting the standard part?
  4. stuartd

    Have a Talion. Looking at getting a Typhon or Kraton.

    I've enjoyed bashing my Talion so much that I'm looking to pick up another Arrma. I can get a new Kraton or Typhon, but not both! I'm torn a bit. I originally wanted a Kraton and went for the Talion as I wasn't able to get one at the time. However, now I have the Talion I'm thinking that it and...
  5. ttguil

    Trenchers on Talion

    Any thoughts on Pro-Line Trencher X 3.8" MT Mtd Desp 17mm F/R on my Talion. I bought these monsters by mistake. Not sure if they will even work without any modifications.
  6. stuartd

    Question about dogbone / wheel movement

    I've had my Talion for around week and there's a bit of wheel wobble. When looking at that I noticed a couple of things that weer different between the front and raer of the car. At the front I'm able to push/pull each front wheel side to side and see the dogbone and input shaft cup move...
  7. stuartd

    Arrma Talion overheating

    I've had my new Talion v3 out for a couple of runs now. Really impressed with it so far. I went to my work car park when it was mostly empty today so I'd have space to pull the trigger right back (briefly) but after about a half hour of driving / skidding it around the car cut out suddenly and...
  8. HUGO .R

    What are the dimensions of the T bone exocage ?

    Hi everibody, I just had a Arrma Talion v3 and to have more protections I would like to make an exocage. I wanted to know if you can give me the dimensions of yours and even can be a schema. Thanks so much if you can do that
  9. RCROD

    Talion in stock at Horizon with APR 0%

    If anyone is interested, Horizon Hobby has the Talion in stock and available 0% APR with Affirm until 8/16/2018. That's as low as only $42 a month for payments. https://www.horizonhobby.com/1-8-2018-talion-6s-blx-truggy-1-8-red-black-arad88rl Horizon is also offering other Arrma RC's with 0%...
  10. RxMonkey

    Malion- Something Different?

    Hello All, I had some stuff lying about. I picked up a Kraton roller and thought it was lost in the mail. I bought a Kraton and had a spare roller once it showed up. During the great parts shortage of early 2018 I got a ton of Talion parts to have some spares. I decided to use the kraton...
  11. HUGO .R

    Does the TBR XV4 2.0 front bumper of the kraton fits on the talion

    Hi everybody, I have already the @T-Bone Racing XV4 2.0 of the Kraton v3 and i want to know if it is appropriate for the Arrma talion v3? Thanks
  12. A13art

    Is my ESC toast?

    so I purchased a talion and just started getting into the electric scene. I have the 20tooth gear in and have been constantly over heating running 6s 7500mah 100c. However I usually just let it cool off and I am good to go after. This time I got cut off my servo got locked and my esc is...
  13. Coopsonthefarm

    Power Hungry!!

    Just ordered the hobbystar 4092 1790kv motor and max6 esc! Got the yea racing twinn fans and esc program card coming as well. Any tips on installation, other upgrades, gear ratios and spare parts to maximize my power system? I live in a warm climate and off road bash hard. Any advice would be...
  14. ThatDrewGuy

    Great idea!

    Stole the idea from here, by hoping it works out well. Seems to spread the impact more than just letting the wing take it.
  15. Powertuners

    V2 Body no longer available?

    Just what the title says so what body will fit the V2 Talion? My kids truck and mine are about due for a new one and cant find anything. What gives with Arrma not making the V1 V2 body? Hope they continue the parts cause I just bought these V2 for me and the kid Christmas of 2016 not like these...
  16. Talion v2

    Talion v2

    New shoes and then some=)
  17. Talion v2

    Talion v2

    GPM alu braces, RPM front and rear skid guards and Badlands with 1/2" off-set
  18. ThatDrewGuy

    Little help here!

    So I broke this little piece here that sits on top of the rear diff case. The only way I can find it for purchase is to buy the entire rear diff assembly. Anyone know where I can buy just that small piece?
  19. C

    V3 Talion replacment tires

    Hi Which tires will be a good replacement for offroad bashing?