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  1. Primarrma

    Kraton Kraton V3 6s "Field Goal" Part 01 Kraton scores a goal, big air, long jumps, lawn darts, loads of fun!

    Part one of a two part video series where I take my Kraton to football practice, no not really, but I still score some long goals, hope you enjoy! Please feel free to give me feedback and I'm sorry about my GoPro woes(anyone that knows what caused this please help me out, I would really...
  2. Arrma Talion with Kraton Tyres Hits the Beach

    Arrma Talion with Kraton Tyres Hits the Beach

    Apologies for the poor quality video, I had accidentally set my GoPro to 4:3 ratio so I had to crop everything. The V3 Kraton Tyres a so good on sand, they f...
  3. G

    Can I put rear shocks on the front on my Talion v3?

    Hows everyone today? I have 2 questions. I have a arrma talion v3 and was wondering if I could put the rear shocks on the front? Also for my last question whe. I push my shocks on the front down they don't wanna spring back up. What would cause that?
  4. Arrma Kraton and Talion "Sand Drifters" RC Beach Bash!

    Arrma Kraton and Talion "Sand Drifters" RC Beach Bash!

    A couple of quick beach bash sessions, one in the morning only recorded on my phone, sorry. Then I went back in the evening to run the Talion with my this ti...
  5. Primarrma

    Talion Hard Bash, hard hits! Talion V3 6s Ramp Jumps

    I quick video of my Talion hitting the ramps, hope you enjoy!
  6. The 'Fleet."

    The 'Fleet."

    Funny how "I'm just gonna pick up a Stampede to play with" for my b-day last year turned into this within less than a year...
  7. Jump Practice Arrma Kraton and Talion V3 6s

    Jump Practice Arrma Kraton and Talion V3 6s

    I thought I'd so some practice with my new ramps, as you'll see, I need it. All I can say is these cars are super tough, I did some terrible landings and the...
  8. ⚡️⚡️Kraton and Talion upgrades

    ⚡️⚡️Kraton and Talion upgrades

    Complete tear down and full rebuild of my kraton she got some rpm , hot racing and gpm therapy!!!!
  9. A Little Bash with the V3 Arrma Talion

    A Little Bash with the V3 Arrma Talion

    Took my fairly stock Arrma Kraton V3 for a run tonight on 6s. A pretty boring bash session for video, but it was good to get out.
  10. T-Bone Racing

    T-Bone Racing enters the world of Arrma forums

    Hey guys, I'll start off by introducing myself, I am Jeff and will be handling all Arrma form activity for T-Bone Racing. I have been with the company for over 8 years and am currently sitting as one of the co-owners/Brand manager! A big initiative for us this year is to be more connected...
  11. Primarrma

    V3 Talion Speed Test and General Bash

    Kraton running max 6 and hobbystar combo Talion is pretty stock here is a speed run
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    Check me out on YouTube brothers
  14. BadBob88

    Talion I got the deal of the year!

    A month or so ago a kid has this Talion and Outcast posted for $500. I asked about just buying the Outcast but he wanted to sell both. I ended up buying a Kraton and told him I was no longer interested. Anyway yesterday he tells me he needs the money (wants to buy a 4 wheeler) and will take $325...
  15. Primarrma

    Talion Old Quarry Video

    A short run at another cool spot near me.
  16. Primarrma

    My ESC goes into "Brick" mode on camera after changing punch setting...

    Here is a video of my Kraton's BLX185 going into the green flash of death, I haven't been able to recover it, and I now have to wait till next week to get an answer from the Australian distributer.
  17. Primarrma

    Kraton Another BMX/Skate Park Video, this time running my Kraton

    Here is another quick video at my local park, running my Kraton on 6s. The Talion is in it for a few seconds right at the end. I hope these are getting better, please let me know where I can improve? PS I need a new GoPro this one is a little blurry now days.
  18. Primarrma

    Talion First ever run "Bash" video with the new V3 Talion 6s

    A video of my first bash with my new Arrma Talion 6s BLX V3, it may be a little boring for some, there are some ok sequences at the skate park in the middle. 4s is a good starting point, though I struggled to bring the nose up when needed. I found 6s a handful on this small BMX track, but I'll...
  19. Primarrma

    Talion V3 Talion Pre-Bash Photo's

    I finally got to give me new V3 Talion a run today, but I thought I would do a photoshoot with it prior to Bashing it I hope you enjoy. I will post a video later of the drive, but for now here are some low res images I took. These are pretty much unedited shots straight from the camera, I'm sure...
  20. Steveoarrma517

    Need new talion v2 body

    Looking for talion body v2.what are my options.