1. PapaLegba

    Kraton Outcast vs Kraton vs Talion

    Hello, My son and I have a Sledge, which we bash around, do jumps off our ramp and race against our hopped up Rustler 4x4. I want to get another 6S vehicle, am ready to go ARRMA and am comparing these three models. I love the tricks that the Outcast is capable of, but can do some pretty good...
  2. D

    Talion Speed Run Tires For Talion EXB

    Hey guys, I'm trying to see how fast I can push my Talion EXB on a stock ESC and Spektrum 2050kv motor. I'm hitting 85mph consistently, without any heat problems on Sweeps Road Crushers. These wheels are nice, but they're insanely heavy. I'm considering 1/5 GRPs, but I've heard they're heavy...
  3. RC-Dude

    Talion This is how my Talion bashing almost always ends

    Wing rips off almost always. Yes, I do know that jumping and bashing has it's limits. Not blaming Arrma for that. What are your solutions to this? Buddy was talking about a tennis ball instead of a wing. Not sure how much the wing does in creating downforce during bashing anyway.
  4. six7jedi

    I want to make some Talion changes

    I plan on dumping my 160/1250 combo into it. Anyone know if it'll fit? Everything is stock and I don't want to make any mods other than esc, motor and esc.
  5. TyphonTLR

    Typhon Typhon TLR Conversion

    I bought a Typhon TLR and moved the electronics from my 3s Typhon because I was tired of replacing the plastic axles to the TLR Roller. It has a Castle Sidewinder 8th combo and Spektrum S652 servo/Spektrum 315 receiver etc. I got a notorious during the sale recently and absolutely love it. I...
  6. MrnixZ

    Kraton Kraton 4s v2 or Talion EXB

    Hi there! I don’t know if I post this in the correct forum…so if don’t please forgive me. First of all, I’m from the Netherlands and I love Arrma trucks. I have a question or poll… Soon will the Kraton 4s v2 arrive here in the Netherlands and I’m very curious about it. But… I also love the...
  7. JMJR07

    Kraton Kraton 6s won't turn to full right lock

    I have a Kraton 6s V5 RTR. It is fully stock as far as the electronics are concerned, aside from a DX3 transmitter and receiver that I bought from Jenny's RC out of an Outcast 6s EXB. It still has the stock ESC, motor and servo. The issue I'm having is that the steering will not turn to full...
  8. Qburt16

    Talion Does not make the normal power on tones!

    Help needed! I thought I had binded my arrma talion correctly then tried to calibrate it did not work correctly I'm getting constant two beep intervals with matching 2 LEDs with fire up, power on. I have looked everywhere to try to correct this action, it's right out of the box hasn't been...
  9. Arrma Typhon Street Monster gets new Talion body and paint

    Arrma Typhon Street Monster gets new Talion body and paint

    is a Talion body on a stretched Typhon
  10. JDarby05

    For Sale Arrma 6s EXB w/ $3.5k invested into it. Priced to sell (6 charges ran)

    Arrma Kraton 6s EXB w/ tons of upgrades Pictures are right after my last bash(haven’t had time to clean it yet) Also included pictures of when I bought it and started building it. And parts and upgrades etc. (more picture w/ request) Over $3.5k invested into this setup (I’ll add a comment...
  11. podthis

    Talion EXB options

    Hi I recently got a Talion EXB and would appreciate advice on the following: Wheel options for: General purpose bashing Road/sidewalk usage Impacts of above on wear and gearing noting wheel mass, offset and diameter/width affect these Is a motor fan a necessary upgrade? Alternate bodies that...
  12. RCPablo

    Talion Arrma No.1: Talion XL

    Just retired a my Slash 4x4 from bashing duties and was looking for something to replace it with. I've been wanting an Arrma for a hot min, but couldn't decide which. Top runners were Mojave or Typhon and I Kept flicking from one to the other, never able to decide and then I happened upon RC...
  13. 20200307_165206.jpg


    Talion, storm, drain
  14. S

    Talion Carbon fiber a arms

    I've been reading a lot lately and have seen basically nothing but complaints about arms. Either too ridgid and crack or put too much stress elsewhere, or flex too much and warp. Maybe they are out there and I haven't seen them it why doesn't anyone make them out of high strength carbon...
  15. image006.jpg


    Talion on MethodRC SCT Terraform belted tires. about 10mm smaller diameter than stock.
  16. jgbeasley1

    Talion Fun Arizona BASH video

    It was a rad until both the Talion and Kraton broke. With my luck, it’s always fun while it lasts most of the times 🤣
  17. jgbeasley1

    Talion Arizona Spots

    Anyone in the PHX area know of any good spots?
  18. jayda1

    Arrma Stretch Drag

    What’s the best drag gearing for 8s Typhon? For faster take and get down the track?
  19. tobmaster

    On the road for next 5-days

    Leaving Illinois after work today for a 2400 mile college visit road trip with my family between today and Tuesday will drive and visit Iowa State, Colorado State, Kansas State, and University of Missouri. That said, my 14-year old son is coming and we are thinking about bringing my Talion EXB...
  20. tobmaster

    Talion EXB Diff missing parts?

    Have a "new" (run only twice) EXB Talion. Reading the posts about Arrma quality and diffs without oil, I decided to check and fill the Talion. I notice the front matches the EXB exploded view perfect, no worries. But the rear is missing both of the part circled in red. Is this correct? or is...