1. ARRMA Talion vs ARRMA KRATON Ramp Bashing and Big Airs

    ARRMA Talion vs ARRMA KRATON Ramp Bashing and Big Airs

    Drivers: Uplift-RC / @jkflow
  2. 20201230_135054.jpg


    Talion Custom Bug Body Muddy Orange
  3. arrma only fans

    SOLD / FOUND Castle creations xlx2 and tp 4070 2230kv

    I have run the xlx2 about 5 times in a speed run car. The tp 4070 2230 kv I have run about 10 times in a speed car. Not even a full charge has gone threw these guys. They have 8mm bullets and ose connectors. These ar very fast!! Easily capable of 120+ mph!! Asking $400 shipped. US only!
  4. C

    Talion Motor mount for v3 Talion and Max6 4985 motor

    Hey gang. I'm installing the new Max6 combo with the 4985 motor in my v3 Talion. I'd like to replace the motor mount so that I don't have to shim the stock one. I'd like it to have the top side slider adjustment to make pinion changes a little easier. Which mount would you recommend for a drop...
  5. Bay Area RC Bashers Saturdays Ramp Session

    Bay Area RC Bashers Saturdays Ramp Session

    Extreme Bashing w/ the ARRMA Notorious / Talion / Rustler and the 8s Losi Baya
  6. *** JUMP OF THE DAY ****

    *** JUMP OF THE DAY ****

    25ft backflips with the Talion and the Notorious w/ Jkflow &I!
  7. ARRMA v3 TALION - Hitting 25ft + Back-flips and Huge Airs

    ARRMA v3 TALION - Hitting 25ft + Back-flips and Huge Airs

    Driver - Jkflow / Photographer - UpliftRC. If you're interested in meeting up with our group every Saturday morning from 9-12pm in Largo, make sure you click on the link. https://www.facebook.com/groups/43562...
  8. Yas

    Talion shocks on a 3S rig *OR* Felony

    Has anybody tried using Talion F&R shocks on a 3S rig? The 3S rig in question is a Typhon 3S. I know Typhon 6S shocks are the go to, but the Talion ones are in stock at a breaker and the Typhon 6S ones aren't and much more expensive anyway due to demand I've checked for differences - the...
  9. Uplift-RC

    Talion ARRMA Talion - Massive Back-flips and Big Air Bash session

    Driver @jkflow Photographer: @Uplift-RC
  10. K

    Talion Exb chassis with talion parts

    what’s up! I have a talion 6s. Has anyone used a kraton exb chassis on a talion? Would I need a kraton body or any other parts to make her fit? Also would a 8s spektrum firma esc work with a blx185 motor to run 6s? If I ever upgrade the motor I’ll be good to go! Thanks!
  11. Ivgot2manyRC

    Mojave 1/7 Talion on a Mojave chassis.

    Arrma talion on a mojave chassis. My first time ever attempting doing something like this and I really enjoyed it!!! I wrapped the top of the chassis with carbon fiber vinyl, Max6 for power, custom aluminum extended body mounts, some hot racing upgrades, I de-anodized a few of the parts as well...
  12. anthonyslwooko

    Kraton A bit unclear on speaking. You get the idea

  13. anthonyslwooko

    Kraton New ramp made by DLG high schoolers???

    They actually built it. I wasn’t expecting that lol. The DLG high schoolers built me a super sender ramp what the heck awesome build awesome kids here. Haha nice?????????
  14. Talion gets some new lights!

    Talion gets some new lights!

    Threw some cheapy chinese leds I had sitting round in the Talion body. Now I don't need a Christmas tree this year. ?
  15. anthonyslwooko

    Talion Arrma Talion EXB build

  16. anthonyslwooko

    Talion Will my M2C chassis continue to bend?