1. Talion exb

    Talion exb

    New horse in the stable
  2. Talion EXB near mint

    Talion EXB near mint

    Got a smokin deal on this bad boy today. So happy to have it
  3. Talion EXB. Extremely clean

    Talion EXB. Extremely clean

    Came with a dx3 too
  4. D

    Talion Front Driveshaft Vibration

    Hey, I'm speedrunning my Talion EXB 6s. I'm having a really tough time with the front center driveshaft. At high speed, it is vibrating so badly that the diff input bearings keep shattering. I'm running M2C diff input cups (true and balanced), Scorched Titanium driveshafts (no bends etc..) , and...
  5. superticky

    Talion Servo on brand new Talion 6S BLX 4WD EXtreme Bash stopped working the first day.

    Hello guys, how are you all doing ? Well, I was lucky enough to get the last Talion 6S BLX 4WD EXtreme Bash in stock from my local hobby store, since that model has been discontinued for a few months now. On the other hand, yesterday, on my very first run, after about 30 minutes bashing in...
  6. Army_Vet_Rc_Addict

    Talion My Arrma Collection is growing

    Just added another Arrma car to the fleet picked up the 6s Talion EXB to go with the 3s Typhon, 4s Kraton, 6s Typhon, 6s Notorious and the what will be 8s Limitless and I am hopefully adding a 6s Kraton within the next week or so. I absolutley LOVE Arrma Rc Cars I just can't have enough of them lol
  7. surfingSEMINOLE

    Talion Building a Talion from scratch! What diffs should I get?

    Hi All! Love this forum and love my new hobby! I am building a Talion from scratch, first parts ordered are already arriving this week! I am going to go with the scorched parts carbon fibre chassis, with carbon fibre shock towers and steering rack/ackerman bar from m2c now that they have...
  8. A

    Outcast Outcast 6s Exb vs Xmaxx

    Hi all Planning to purchase either Outcast 6s Exb or Xmaxx 8s. I would like it to be fun,durable and do stunts and flips without much upgrade and mostly while stock. I want it to be Xmaxx but heard Xmaxx couldn't flip with stock setup. So should I get outcast or should I go with...
  9. VDVC-RC

    Talion Talion EXB from Kraton build

    So, I bought a used Kraton from a buddy & he threw in 2 old beater Kraton bodies, a Talion EXB body & DBoots Katar T tires/wheels... That's all the inspiration I needed. I had already grabbed some Talion 7075 towers from him, intending to use them on my Typhon, but sat on that idea while I...
  10. J

    SOLD / FOUND Talion 6S EXB RTR for sale

    This Arrma Talion EXB 1/8 scale RC car is completely stock and ready to run. It is in good condition with minor chassis and body scratches from light use. My son says this car runs amazing and is indestructible no matter how you bash it. It is a 4S or 6S car, however we used it as a 4S car...
  11. surfingSEMINOLE

    Talion What upgraded motor and esc combo are you using in your talion?

    Hey everyone! I am looking to build a talion 6s exb type rig from scratch. Going with the m2c talion exb chassis along with several m2c parts (not sure if i will try for the entire beefcake package). For those who have upgraded your electronics, what motor and esc combos are you running? I...
  12. surfingSEMINOLE

    Talion Talion EXB discontinued!? Should I get one before they are gone??

    I was really interested in getting the Talion EXB 6s, as my first 6s truck! Should I wait and see what new 6s comes out? I LOVE my Outcast 4s, but want something faster and more agile but can still bash. 8s is a little big for the space I have to store/wrench. What do you all suggest?
  13. PapaLegba

    Kraton Outcast vs Kraton vs Talion

    Hello, My son and I have a Sledge, which we bash around, do jumps off our ramp and race against our hopped up Rustler 4x4. I want to get another 6S vehicle, am ready to go ARRMA and am comparing these three models. I love the tricks that the Outcast is capable of, but can do some pretty good...
  14. D

    Talion Speed Run Tires For Talion EXB

    Hey guys, I'm trying to see how fast I can push my Talion EXB on a stock ESC and Spektrum 2050kv motor. I'm hitting 85mph consistently, without any heat problems on Sweeps Road Crushers. These wheels are nice, but they're insanely heavy. I'm considering 1/5 GRPs, but I've heard they're heavy...
  15. RC-Dude

    Talion This is how my Talion bashing almost always ends

    Wing rips off almost always. Yes, I do know that jumping and bashing has it's limits. Not blaming Arrma for that. What are your solutions to this? Buddy was talking about a tennis ball instead of a wing. Not sure how much the wing does in creating downforce during bashing anyway.
  16. six7jedi

    I want to make some Talion changes

    I plan on dumping my 160/1250 combo into it. Anyone know if it'll fit? Everything is stock and I don't want to make any mods other than esc, motor and esc.
  17. TyphonTLR

    Typhon Typhon TLR Conversion

    I bought a Typhon TLR and moved the electronics from my 3s Typhon because I was tired of replacing the plastic axles to the TLR Roller. It has a Castle Sidewinder 8th combo and Spektrum S652 servo/Spektrum 315 receiver etc. I got a notorious during the sale recently and absolutely love it. I...
  18. JMJR07

    Kraton Kraton 6s won't turn to full right lock

    I have a Kraton 6s V5 RTR. It is fully stock as far as the electronics are concerned, aside from a DX3 transmitter and receiver that I bought from Jenny's RC out of an Outcast 6s EXB. It still has the stock ESC, motor and servo. The issue I'm having is that the steering will not turn to full...
  19. Qburt16

    Talion Does not make the normal power on tones!

    Help needed! I thought I had binded my arrma talion correctly then tried to calibrate it did not work correctly I'm getting constant two beep intervals with matching 2 LEDs with fire up, power on. I have looked everywhere to try to correct this action, it's right out of the box hasn't been...