1. Spunk see the TaliCast for the first time 😂😂😂 Arrma Power 💪💪💪

    Spunk see the TaliCast for the first time 😂😂😂 Arrma Power 💪💪💪

    Best dog ever
  2. Arrma TaliCast MMX 8s gets new Proline Badlands 3.8, so bad ass 💪

    Arrma TaliCast MMX 8s gets new Proline Badlands 3.8, so bad ass 💪

    new shoes for my TaliCast
  3. jgbeasley1

    Talion Desert Bash Talion about takes off my head!!

    Me and the Talion has a love hate relationship! I wasn’t able to see to base of the jump/ lip so once I saw her, I knew she was coming for me. Video link: Enjoy!
  4. Infraction666

    Talion My TaliCast MMX 8s gets Badlands

    My new fresh build, Talion Kraton outcast thing Just got it finished a max6 combo but a changed it with a MMX 8s ESC It's a Kraton chassis, a lot of Exb Parts, alza 7075 tower in back, hobbywing 4985 motor, belted Katar T, outcast body First time out with a max6 combo and bad battery...
  5. Diogo_Reis

    My 2021 Talion EXB

    It had to be! :rolleyes: The Talion was the RC I wanted last year to get back into the hobby but it was out of stock so I got the Losi DB pro. Couldn't wait for Christmas as the prices were going up and got a good deal on my local hobby shop... To me, it is the most versatile and awesome RC...
  6. wheelie time 💪 Arrma Talion Kraton beast 💪🤘👍

    wheelie time 💪 Arrma Talion Kraton beast 💪🤘👍

    Max6 on 6s
  7. DSC_2721.JPG


    my Talion/Kraton with Max6 4985 combo and Belted wheels
  8. New Arrma Talion/Kraton Max6 8s

    New Arrma Talion/Kraton Max6 8s

    My new Talion/Kraton with Hobbywing Max6 8s, belted Katar, outcast body and a lot of Exb Partsready to bash and go fast
  9. jgbeasley1

    Talion Talion EXB ESC Reset

    Hey! I just got a Talion EXB, and was trying to adjust the punch. I’m pretty sure I didn’t do it correctly. Does anyone know if you can reset the ESC? If so, how do I do it. Thanks!
  10. H

    Kraton Are stock 6s electronics (motor/esc) any good?

    I've got a super-sized 1/10 scale basher that i'm thinking could make good use of the larger motor and lower kv from the 6s setup (2050kv and 150A esc). It's currently running a 3150kv motor and 130A esc on 3s and I have it geared to suit my speed. I'd plan to run the new setup on 4s and gear...
  11. ChicagoJT

    Talion Body Project!

    Hey all, I recently purchased a Talion EXB. Not a fan of the stock body. I have an erevo 2.0 and like the body the cage system Traxxas uses is really great. On my erevo the body is in great shape after almost a year of hard bashing, so I got thinking…. I got the ProLine Erevo Brute body. I...
  12. walking_target

    For Sale Arrma Talion v4 - ground up restoration - UK

    Arrma Talion v4 in exceptionally good condition and has undergone a ground-up rebuild with many new EXB parts fitted to bring the car back to life again. This car was in a sorry state when she came to me and I have really enjoyed the restoration and rebuild project, but I cannot justify having...
  13. Full carbon body for my Arrma Typhon 6s V5 LWB

    Full carbon body for my Arrma Typhon 6s V5 LWB

    my friend help with this full carbon body for a Arrma Talion 6s, my first ever Carbon fiber body and not the lastbut it's fits my Typhon to 🤘and it's not Fi...
  14. ChicagoJT

    Talion Talion EXB - Old erevo body?

    Anybody know if the old erevo 1.0 body will fit the Talion 6s EXB? Anybody run this body? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Custom-Body-Clear-for-Traxxas-E-Revo-RC-Car-Truck-1-10-TRA-5611X-Shell-/251733249241?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0


    One of my favorite pictures of my KRATON ripping a double over ARRMA 8s Outcast
  16. bitchintalion88

    Arrma Talion heat sync fan and screw size

    Hi guys Looking for a legit fan for my heat sync and the correct screw size to buy for installation!!! I put dboot backflips on it and I had high temps happening almost instantly. Also what’s the best E setting on ur temp gun for monitoring engine heat at???? I have mine on 92 but I’m not sure...
  17. walking_target

    Talion Talion shock tower replacement - which one?

    Morning All, We have managed to bend the stock v4 Talion shock towers, so looking at replacements. Considering Scorched RC titanium or M2C front and M2C rear aluminium ones. Any advice or guidance? The titanium versions are actually cheaper and would be stronger/lighter....the Talion already...
  18. PIC OF THE DAY!!


    An #ARRMA #Talion pulling my Proboat BlackJack 42 rc speed boat to the lake 💪💪💪💪💪💪
  19. Birth of a real EXB..!!

    Birth of a real EXB..!!

    Talion EXB killer 😉 Take note Arrma this is how you do it..!!
  20. Talion EXB pre-release 😉

    Talion EXB pre-release 😉